Why Pakistan does not focus on football

Although football is a popular game in all the age groups of the country, from little kids playing outside to youngsters playing in the local clubs, Football as a game yet is unable to produce any significant mark in the international or national level.

The infrastructure created by the Pakistan Football Federation is nowhere to be found, with a population of more than 200 million people the country does not have even a single ground maintained at international levels.

Now even the FIFAhave banned the country’s national team from participating in any of the official events also the clubs can not take part in it. This step from FIFA came after a lot of warnings given to the PFF to upregulate its structure and maintain decorum. but sadly, the PFF and the government did not help in the prevention of the ban.

Pakistan is a third world country that has plenty of raw resources not only in the field of minerals and goods but also in human resources. Many talented stars failed to produce anything significant either due to financial problems or lack of proper means to funnel themselves and groom up the raw talents.

Even though Pakistan supplies footballs for all the major events of FIFA like world cup 2014’s Brazuca which became pretty popular due to its unique design and European national cup, its own standards remain quite low. 


The PFF as a board always faces financial difficulties and means to even conduct a tournament on a big platform, there’s no league system where the clubs from all over the country would participate as seen in the British premier league or La Liga Santander.

The PFF when tries to hold up an event at any level, the crowd stands always remain empty therefore not producing any turnover for the PFF as well but also lack of encouragement to the players who play their heart out for the round of applause for their performances.

Now, in the current era where all these fields are promoted throughout the world, Pakistan falls to its lowest ever ranking at number 204 on the international rankings by the FIFA, as of June 2019.

Pakistan and Football walks in hand to hand but the nation strives to produce any positive impact due to no firm policies, management and lack of interest of the crowd due to unmaintained grounds and low-class football and not sufficient nail biters.

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