Rapist Should Be Punished

Rapist Should Be Punished

Rapist Should Be Punished We Should raise our voice against this we have the following recent cases:

I am a working woman. The place I work at is in G-8/4 whereas I live in G-10/1. My work timings are from 01:00 – 09:00 pm.
I reach home around 09:30 pm that is apparently too late.
And I travel alone, of course, I cannot take my whole family to work for my protection.
I travel via service road instead of Sawan Road because it is a comparatively shorter route as compared to the other one although its a bit abandoned.
My car might break down someday whether the tank is full or not.

What should I do?
Should I stay at home?
Or Should I take my mom and dad to work with me?
Should I keep a mechanic with me every day, just in case?
Or should I rely on the police and security departments to protect me from mishaps instead of these pathetic excuses that the CCPO Sahab, Lahore gave?

Mother’s rape case – Victim blamed of traveling alone
Zainab’s rape case – Victim’s family blamed of being careless
Marwa’s rape case – Victim’s family blamed of sending their daughter alone to the market
A woman’s dead body raped – Who is to blame now? Of course the woman, why was she buried alone and in objectionable clothing? Sahi na ?

When will this stop? When will we, instead of blaming the victim start blaming the assailant?

Most of the time, I see people quoting the Quran, that a woman is made from a man’s ribcage and is comparatively weaker than the man. I agree! A woman had made weak so that a man can protect her, not to rape her.

It’s alarming that a Muslim state like Pakistan reports daily cases of rape! Why? Because we have deviated from the path of Islam. In Islam, the only punishment for adultery or fornication has to pelt with stones until the one who commits, die.

But no, unfortunately, we are under the rule of people who oppose this law, and in my view, those opposing this law are equally responsible and had involved in the rape cases.

Unless or until the public execution of rapists had not made a law, this is never going to end. It was Zainab, It was Marwa, It was a Mother. Next time, it could be me, it could be you, it could be your mother, sister, daughter, wife!

Stand, for what is right. Speak, against what is wrong. So, you can bring a change. A change not only for others but for your own self, for your family, and for your future generation.

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