Iran Is Not What You Think

Iran Is Not What You Think

When we hear the country name Iran, the first thing that crosses our minds is terrorism. Right? In the past few decades, the world and the global political dynamics have changed a lot. At a few points in history, great tension developed like the assassination of the Iranian General named Qassem Soleimani. But despite all the political, regional, and religious unrest, Iran is not what you think. It’s a fascinating country with many hidden charms.

In Persian, the word Iran means ‘Land of Aryans’. The area is mountainous, dry with cultural diversions.  The following are a few facts about the land of Aryans that you would certainly enjoy.

1) The Locals

Every country has a distinct culture and morals that have prevailed in its individuals. It separates them from other nations.  The people of Iran are very welcoming and hospitable. They are also generous people with the spark of foresight and manners. The Iranian mortals are very social and entertaining as well.

2) The Historic Sites

A country’s architecture tells a lot about its centuries-old legacy. Iran is the world’s oldest civilization. It traces its history back to about 40,000yrs. Persepolis and Rayan Citadel are in 2 0f 22 sites in Iran by UNESCO.  They both are ancient build-up cities. So, The sites there are somewhat ruined. But have highly in scripted stones.

3) Society

The world is progressing rapidly in transport and technology. But when you enter this elegant country. You feel like you are in the 1970s or 80s. There are no international brands. Internet speed is slow. The car models are obsolete. But despite all this, it attracts many tourists.

4) Food

Food is the identity of its land. Iranian scrumptious cuisine would never disappoint you. It’s rich in herbs like cinnamon, parsley, and saffron.  Most of the dishes contain nuts. Meat is also mostly in the form of ‘kebab’.  Rice, nuts, meats, vegetables, and fruits contribute to assembling its diverse cuisine.

5) Rugs

Iran produces fine rugs. They have had this tradition for the past 2,500yrs. Rugs and carpets are the second-largest sources of export in Iran after oil.

6) Oil reservoirs

 Iran has a total of 10 percent of the total world oil reservoirs. Each day Iran also pumps almost 4 million barrels of oil alone.

 7) Inventions by Iran

 Although facing several sanctions from the international world. Iran is immensely progressing in modern technology as well as is contributing scientifically in the smart world.

 Science, medicine, games, music, and mathematics; there is hardly any field that the Persians didn’t contribute for.

 Did you know?

 – The original structure of the refrigerator was modeled in Iran in 400BCE.

 – Sulphuric acid that is used by us for many domestic and industrial purposes was discovered by Zakariya Raza, an Iranian Scholar.

 – Guitar:  its earliest version, tar was first formed in this region.

 – Ibn- Sena contributed a lot in medicine. His book named ‘The Book of Healing’ is also considered as an encyclopedia for medicine.

 8) Persian gardens

 Iran has exquisite Persian gardens. That was grown thousands of years ago by early Iranians. They figured out, how they can irrigate their arid lands and create lush gardens. The spectacular gardens also grasped the attention of UNESCO. They declared them as the world heritage site. There are a total of 9 gardens. Lastly, Central water canals, wind towers, and fountains were elegantly built between lush green trees and purple flowers.

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