Twenty Record-Breaking Natural Wonders Around The World

Twenty Record-Breaking Natural Wonders Around The World

Our planet is a fascinating place that houses hundreds of secrets in it. Some are so amazing that our human sagacity is unable to absorb it. Today we are going to share 20 record-breaking natural wonders around the world to enchant you.

1. The Great Barrier Reef

It is located in Australia and is the world’s most extensive coral reef system; formulated by almost 3,000 reef systems. It’s larger than the Great Wall of China and is visible from the space.

2. Angel Falls in Venezuela

It is located in the Guiana Highlands. This 3,212 feet high waterfall is the tallest in the world. Mountain-like structures named; Teipus protrudes from the Earth and part the fall. It also assists in creating an ideal environment for the fall.

3. Victoria falls

Although it’s not the tallest, it holds the record of the largest volume waterfall. It’s 5,500m wide and 355m long.

4. Lake Baikal

Located in Russia, this lake is the deepest and most widespread in the world. As It has almost 20 percent of the world’s freshwater reservoir i.e., it has 5521 cubic miles of water and is 5,300ft deep. It contains 27 islands. 80percent species found there are unique for these places.

5. The Nile River

It’s the world’s longest river and is 4,160 miles long. It extends from north-east Africa and ends at the Mediterranean Sea.

6. Frying Pan Lake

As the name signifies, this lake is a hot spring located in New Zealand. This 400,000sq ft lake is situated on a volcanic crater that contains magma. The lake temperature is 110-130 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Geysers

Wyoming has the tallest active geysers in the world. They could erupt and shoot the water up to 300 ft. An eruption may last from 3 to 40 minutes and cover the surrounding area with silica.

8. Mount Kilauea

It’s the world’s most active volcano.  The harmless eruptions’ lava flows into a boiling lake named Halema’uma’u.

9. Volcanic island

Iceland is the largest volcanic Island that extends up to 39,768 square miles. Volcanic activities help 90 percent of the residents to use natural geothermal heat.

10. Antarctica

Two hundred fifty miles long and 60 miles wide, Lambert Glacier, is located in Antarctica. It’s the world’s fastest-moving glacier and has a very high velocity.

11. Kutiah Glacier

Kutiah Glacier’s (located in Karakorum Mountain Range) surge attracts many people. It is moving an average of 367 feet per day.

12. Mount Everest

It’s the world’s highest altitude mountain and is 29 028 feet and 9 inches tall. It is located in Nepal and China.

13. Mauna Kea

It is the tallest mountain in the world and is 33,480 feet when measured from the ocean floor.

14. Mount Kilimanjaro

It is a dormant volcano located in Tanzania. It stands lonely in Africa and is not part of any range. Some beliefs say that it erupted 360,000yrs ago.

15. The Dead Sea

It is located between Jordan and Israel and is 14,10ft below the sea level. It is saline, and the visitors find it easy to float on the water.

16. Brazil

It’s 152 miles long and is the largest island extending from the Rio Grande to the border with Uruguay.

17. Amazon

It’s the world’s largest rainforest that covers 40percent of South America. It is spread on 1.4 billion acres.

18. The General Sherman Tree

They are the world’s most massive trees with a diameter of 36ft and a height of 275ft. They increase in size every year and is estimated to be 2200yrs old.

19. Mangrove forests

Its largest forest that covers 60percent of Bangladesh. It has diverse flora and fauna population.

20. Hang Son Doong Cave

It’s the world’s largest cave, with a length of 3miles and a height of 650ft. It’s estimated to be 450millions yrs old. It has its system i.e., clouds, jungles, and rivers.

Lastly, we have these 20 record-breaking natural wonders around the world to see the beauty of Nature.

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