5 Reasons Why Abu Dhabi Is The Most Fascinating City Of The World

5 Reasons Why Abu Dhabi Is The Most Fascinating City Of The World

Abu Dhabi is the city of the world that has my heart I have 5 reasons why Abu Dhabi is the most fascinating city of the World. No matter how many places I visit or explore. The only city that has captivated my heart is Abu Dhabi, which is because for so many reasons. This wonderful city holds such charisma and charm that it is like no other city. And my heart explodes even to recall the memories and warm welcome this city has done to me. Its enormous architectural buildings, palm trees luring on the beautiful long roads, deserted areas, and traditional value makes me want to visit this fascinating city of the world again and again. 

 Meanwhile, talking about Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. This city is so calm and soothing even though it comes on the second number for the population. Let me write my sentiment out, remembering this beautiful city and why this ever-so gorgeous city can capture everyone’s heart.

Here we go with the 5 reasons why Abu Dhabi is the fascinating city in the world?


I mean, is it even possible to talk about Abu Dhabi and not to mention the Grand Sheikh Zahid Mosque? No, it is not in any case! This grand white-colored mosque for sure adds an extra point to make this city world’s most fascinating city. As the interior and exterior of this mosque are uncommendable and what makes it more beautiful, if you want to visit the mosque, you have to follow the Muslim rules. That means the girls can’t enter the mosque without covering themselves fully. This rule is ultimately the most significant sign of respect for the Muslim community.

5 Reasons Why Abu Dhabi Is The Most Fascinating City Of The World - SHEIKH ZAHID MOSQUE


One of the reasons why this city has my heart is that Abu Dhabi is just not limited to an architectural building. It has all the other electrifying activities to offer. To all those Ferrari lovers, you can witness how it feels like to be in Ferrari by sitting in this incredible roller coaster ride “Formula Rosa” situated in the Ferrari world. It goes with a 240 km/hr speed within 5 seconds, and this is as insane as it gets.

5 Reasons Why Abu Dhabi Is The Most Fascinating City Of The World - ROLLER COASTER IN ABU DHABI

Also, if you are a person with a weak heart, pun intended, then there are many more fun rides inside the Ferrari world. 


One quality that made me more mesmerized about this city is that no matter how rich, beautiful, and populated this city is and how many various citizens travel to this place. Their people do not forget their ethnicities and traditional norms. You will always find their workers wearing white long “Kandura” along with their famous turban. They never give in to their traditional foods and their eating styles. To keep their culture alive is their priority. 

Meanwhile, walking around the beautiful city, I realized every person in this city is as welcoming as the previous ones. Everyone will treat you like their own family and make you feel safer. I have never felt this safe in any of the cities of this world than Abu Dhabi. And makes me realizes that making the other person feel safe runs in their tradition.  

5 Reasons Why Abu Dhabi Is The Most Fascinating City Of The World - TRADITION CULTURE AND CUSTOMS


You won’t shock me a little bit if you say that you have this image of UAE’s capital: the most boring deserted area. Because a lot of travelers have this point of view. But you will only prove yourself wrong once you visit this heart-warming city. It has so many adventures to offer you guys that you won’t ever get over to it. From riding bikes on the dessert’s high tides, going up in the sky while in the hot air balloon, to the most adventurous water parks.

One of my beautiful memories with this city is holding a wild yet so beautiful eagle in my hands while wearing their famous turban. Trust me, guys, that moment gave me all the possible royal vibes it could.



If you are a water baby, then Abu Dhabi has to be a favorite city in the world, and I am not even kidding over here. There are famous beaches like the Abu Dhabi beach, Corniche Beach, Yas Beach, Al-Bateen Beach, Saadiyat Beach. And many more are so perfect that you will instantly fall in love with this city. Me being a hygiene sucker, what loves the most about the beaches of Abu Dhabi is the water, and the maintenance it offers      

5 Reasons Why Abu Dhabi Is The Most Fascinating City Of The World - BEACHES IN ABU DHABI

When I say Abu Dhabi has my heart, I am not kidding because this city never fails to aspire to me. I am sure it will do the same for you guys. These were a few out of so many we have 5 reasons why Abu Dhabi is the fascinating city in the world? I hope you guys relate with me, and if you don’t, you defiantly haven’t visited this beauty yet.

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