18 Beautiful Beaches That Have Haunting Shipwrecks With Mysterious Pasts

18 Beautiful Beaches That Have Haunting Shipwrecks With Mysterious Pasts are here for you to explore:

Shipwrecks excite tourists all over the world. As such, here are 18 of the most beautiful beaches where you can see true shipwrecks with your very own eyes.

1. The Skeleton Coast

In 1909, a cargo ship ran aground here named Eduard Bohlen. This beach has attracted enthusiasts from all over the world who come to marvel at the shipwrecks.

2. Navagio Beach

In Greece, lie the remains of the famed MV Panagoitis which ran aground in 1908. The ambiguity of the shipwreck makes it an ideal vacation spot for thousands each year.

3. Rhossili Beach

 This beach in Wales houses the wreck of the Helvetia which beached in 1887.. Welsh beaches are famous for strange things which have washed up and this wreck is no different.

4. Lanai Beach

Lanai beach of Hawaii is a famous resting place of a huge oil tanker. The YOGN-42 was intentionally beached and is now preserved as a tourist attraction in Lanai.

5. Fire Island

 In 1919, a coal schooner ran aground here that was named Bessie White. It is quite ancient and much of it has rotted away, yet it still attracts tourists from all over the world.

6. Fort Stevens State Park Peter Iredale

 A sailing vessel named Peter Iredale ran aground on the beaches of Oregon in the year 1906 due to bad weather. Ever since, it has been a prime destination for tourists.

7. Fraser Island

 SS Maheno ran aground near the beaches of Fraser Island in Australia because of a cyclone which utterly destroyed it and blew it to the coast. It has since become a popular tourist destination.

8. Vila Nova de Milfontes

Firstly, This resort village is home to a mysterious shipwreck of a small tugboat. Neither the name nor its crew are known but the mystery itself attracts visitors from the world over to gaze at its macabre beauty.

9. Coronado Island

The Coronado island is known for the wreck of the oil tanker SS Monte Carlo which  ran aground in 1937 during a storm and its remains still rest on the sand to this day.

10. San Francisco Bay

The SS Tennessee sank in 1853 here. Since that time, enthusiasts from all parts of the globe have arrived to visit the San Francisco Bay to take in its sight themselves.

11. Ocean Beach

San Francisco’s Ocean beach is home to the King Philip. And It ran aground in 1878 and is considered one of the best preserved wrecks of its time.

12. Gythio Beach

The Dimitrios was a cargo ship whose demise is shrouded in mystery. Speculation varies widely and investigations have yielded no answers, thus making it a prime location for enthusiasts.

13. Roderick Bay

A ship had named MS World Discoverer struck a coral reef and was wrecked when passing through the Solomon islands in 2000. The ship rests in Roderick Bay to this day.

14. Silver Strand Beach

This beach hosts the La Jenelle. A huge ocean liner which ran aground in 1970. Since then it has become a popular tourist destination and murals and museums are built to accommodate tourists.

15. Palos Verdes Peninsula

Here, the SS Dominator had beached in 1961. The Wreck is mostly intact and tourists are welcome to see and observe the wreck themselves.

16. Praia de Atlanta

This tranquil beach in Cape Verde is known for the wreck of the MS Cabo Santa Maria. An enormous ship that can seen just off the beach. It attracts visitors by the hundreds annually.

17. Point Reyes

It has become an iconic location in American Maritime history due the many shipwrecks and the California government encourages travelers and tourists to stop by and observe the wrecks.

18. Masirah

Lastly, On Masirah island, Oman, the remains of a shipwrecked boat exist. It is also a strange sight in such a remote area that tourists flock over to visit this strange sight.

18 Beautiful Beaches That Have Haunting Shipwrecks With Mysterious Pasts these are the 18 hope you feel good about knowing these.

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