10 Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travel

10 Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travel

We are letting you to know the 10 Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travel:

If you are a girl, once in life, you might have dream of a solo trip. We are sure you have googled about solo travel tours too. You know what; solo travel brings a new wave of adventure and thrill. We learn a lot about our self and our life. Strangers from different lands become our lifetime friends. And above all, we come across breath-taking, unforgettable and vibrant landscapes.

The planet Earth has offered us a lot of spectacular sceneries. Today, we are going to share the best solo travel destinations for solo female travel.


If you are a nature lover then Finland would never disappoint you. Wild areas, Lemmenjoki National Park, and the region with the highest number of lakes in Europe; there is so much grace Finland has to offer. Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum declared Finland as one of the safest countries in Europe.

finland-10 Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travel

 2) Canada

A multicultural country charmed with exquisite lakes, frosty mountains, and lush forests. Quebec is one of the safest and friendliest places in Canada. With civilized locals, un-crowded adventures, and flavorsome food. It’s one of the safest cities for solo female travel.

canada-10 Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travel

 3) New Zealand

If you are a lord of the rings fan? Then New Zealand must be your next destination. Its two main islands have varied exquisite landscapes. Beaches, volcanoes, frosty mountains, oceans, glaciers, and colorful lakes amplify its beauty. It is perfect for adventure and sports too.
The Institute of economic and peace proclaimed New Zealand as the fourth safest country for solo travel.

new-zealand-10 Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travel

 4) Uruguay

If you want to relax, then Uruguay is the perfect destination. Its lovely beaches contrasting with the urban part of the city gives a stunning view. It has an ample amount of monuments and history to delight you. Uruguay has the lowest crime rate. So it’s one of the safest cities for solo female travel.

uruguay-10 Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travel

 5)  Switzerland

Switzerland is a culturally diverse country with exquisite lush green natural landscapes that may leave you breathless. The global peace index declared it as the seventh peaceful country. It’s one of Europe’s safest places for females to travel alone.

switzerland-10 Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travel

6) Belgium

Are you an admirer of infrastructures and historical sites? Then Belgium is the best place for you. Its exquisite medieval architect and fine landscapes are the things that you can relish.  International women travel center destination declared it one of the safest countries for solo female travel.

belgium-Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travel

 7)  Austria

Snow-capped mountains, forests, and lakes; the exquisite sceneries of Austria will make all your worries disappear. It’s one of the best countries for women to travel alone as is ranked fourth by the international women travel center.

austria-Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travel

 8) Iceland

Iceland offers contrasting beauty; about 15% of its land is covered with ice and it has 20 active volcanoes too. Between these ice and fire, Iceland has a lot of aesthetic sites to please your eyes.

iceland-Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travel

The global peace index proclaimed it as the country with the lowest crime rate.

9) Japan

Old traditions and super latest technology coexist in Japan. It has clean, organized, and modern cities to bring a new urban experience in your life. It’s the sixth safest county in the world and is the safest place for solo female travelers.

japan- Destination For Solo Female Travel

 10) Chile

Chile has variant beauty. From deserts to lovely beaches, from historic cities to wild sites; Chile has a lot to offer us. Its capital Santiago has a variety of activities for all tastes.

chile-Destination For Solo Female Travel

 It ranked 24th on the global peace index and has the lowest crime rate hence these were the 10 Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travel.

 So choose a place, grab a ticket and fly to your dream destination. Read more!

Happy traveling.

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