10 Places In The World To Watch Sunset

10 Places In The World To Watch Sunset

We have found 10 Places In The World To Watch Sunset for you today.

True beauty lies within the beholder’s eyes, well that’s true, but it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that true beauty lies within nature. Having said about nature, are you a sunrise person or a sunset person? Well, if you’re not an early person like most of us, then surely you must be a sunset person.

Imagine you’re traveling somewhere and you didn’t watch the sunset of that particular place. It would be like you missed the cherry on the cake. Of course, you wouldn’t want that. Oh, wait! Have you already experienced something like that? That’s indeed a loss, but you don’t need to worry.

Here is a list of 10 places in the world to watch sunset next time to cherish for your lifetime and not mourn over the evenings you might have missed before.


The first on the list is sunset in Santorini. The sun’s most beautiful sight disappearing behind the sea while leaving behind all the beautiful colors can be witnessed from Oia, Santorini. It wouldn’t be justified to miss this street with white-washed houses, castles, beautiful flowers adding contrast to the road, and a phenomenal view. You can have the best photography here too, wearing some bright summer colors. Just make sure that you are not allergic to the crowd, because it is super crowded, and people came quite early to get the spot. This indicates that how worthy is the sunset view here.

10 Places To Watch Sunset SANTORINI, GREECE.


Turkey, being in the top list of tourism, has won the hearts of many. The sunset point in Cappadocia, Turkey, is in the Goreme Town at the top of the Lover’s Hill. You can watch the sunset, with all the hot air balloons in the air moving like floating in the calm sea. It’s the most peaceful view. You can sit back, have your kehwa, and enjoy the sun’s disappearing behind the hills and mountains.

10 Places To Watch Sunset CAPPADOCIA, TURKEY


How can we miss the view from the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa? You can buy tickets to level 124 & 125 of this iconic building and feast your eyes with the most phenomenal sunset up to several miles. It can be your best day if it’s a cloudy day too, then you’ll feel surrounded by all the clouds. The perfect combination of the colors of nature, big white structured clouds, and the mini hidden buildings and houses in the city peeking through those clouds will leave you drooling.

10 Places To Watch Sunset DUBAI, UAE


The dynamic experience of watching the sundown can be witnessed at Grand Canyon when the sun is all set to disappear behind the great canyon walls while leaving behind its mesmerizing orange glow. You can opt for something black, orange, or red to wear for the best pictures here and get your aesthetic pictures here.

10 Places To Watch Sunset ARIZONA, GRAND CANYON


Bali is the island where the tropical view, incredible landscape, stunning beaches, dreamy waterfalls, and a rich culture combines. Imagine a view emulsifying all of these things and enhanced even more with a charismatic SUNSET. Watch the sunset while listening to the meditating music of the waterfall and calm your soul.

10 Places To Watch Sunset BALI, THAILAND


Rumors have it, and the Maldives is soon going to end. Dare not to miss the open sea sunset at the Maldives while having a Maldivian boat (dhoni) ride on the island, and watch the sun setting behind the beautiful turquoise Indian Ocean while the golden sky creates an illusion to your eyes and leave you awestruck. Sounds utterly romantic, right?

10 Places To Watch Sunset MALDIVES


Understandably, not everyone is a sea or a greenery kind of person, and some don’t prefer sea and greenery every time. Sometimes people want to experience something crazier, like wildlife. If you’re one of those people, then watching the sunset in Masai Mara is your type of adventure.

Brace yourself, sit in a moving vehicle, watch the sky turning pink and purple while the sun sets and all the wild animals around you. The experience becomes more exciting and one of a kind if you visit Masai Mara between July to October when the animals’ most significant migration occurs. It will be a sight of a lifetime to watch predators’ interactions and preys while migrating in thousands of numbers along with the pink and purple sunset, which will nail the moment.



Experience a real feeling of a day spent well at Serengeti National Park. On your way back to the resort after having a great and tiring safari day, witness the animals going back to their habitat too while the wild ones are getting wide awake and the sun going back to sleep while spreading the crimson color all over.

Don’t forget to capture your long-necked friends on the way.

A beautiful living painting!



What comes to your mind reading the word Paris? Of course, The Eiffel Tower! To get the best view of the Eiffel Tower and the sunset, both is to go to the Seine River and ride on the Seine River Cruise at the time of dusk. You will eyewitness the fantastic view by the river, while the Eiffel Tower’s aureate lighting will haunt you till the end, where you go to make your view even more worth it.



The sundown view in the second on the bucket-list of many, the great pyramids situated in Cairo, is a little horrifying for some because of the red color it leaves behind on the sky. But believe it or not, it’s one of it’ type when you’ll witness the dusky orange sun going down the dunes, and the great pyramids standing strong while sinking in all the colors spread by the sun. If you’re a photographer, I’m sure you’ll pack your bags right away!

Sunset in CAIRO, EGYPT

 Watching the sunset is always like witnessing a beautiful dream, no matter at what place you are standing. But these were 10 locations where you can feel get the heavenly vibes while watching this natural phenomenon. I hope we all get to witness all the sunsets mentioned above in this lifetime.

These were the 10 Places In The World To Watch Sunset hope you may visit soon.

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