10 Cheapest Tourist Destinations In Europe

10 Cheapest Tourist Destinations In Europe

Today we have 10 Cheapest Tourist Destinations In Europe,

Looking for inexpensive places to travel to in Europe? You can avail these terrific travel opportunities to explore the true Europe. You want to go on a vacation but your budget is low? Consider your problem solved now and pack your bags to go on a new adventure. We bring you 10 cheapest places in Europe to visit!

1. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the affordable places in Europe to visit. In this country, you’d discover a great deal of accommodation, food, and luxury. The capital, Sofia you’d find a perfect getaway for city. But if you’re longing for a little sun time, you can go to the Coastal town of sunny beaches.

10 Cheapest Tourist Destinations In Europe-bulgaria

2. Hungary

Hungary also comes in the list of most cheap countries in Europe. Although,many travelers visit Budapest for its famous thermal natural pools, grand cathedrals, and lively nightlife. Hungary also has some of the cheapest dining options in Europe. Moreover, its capital is a melting pot where you will find lots of cultural diversity.

10 Cheapest Tourist Destinations In Europe-hungary

3. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is known for its ancient cathedrals and breathtaking castles, Prague is one of the top-visiteddestinations in the Czech Republic. Above all, the capital is thought to be one of the cheapest cities inEurope. You can always find the cheapest drinks and food in the country.

10 Cheapest Tourist Destinations In Europe-czech republic

4. Poland

The next Cheapest travel destination is Poland. Most of Poland’s monumental buildings are free for all, and Government run sites offer free entrance once a while every week. So, if you’re a person who loves history and historical places, Poland would be the best travel place for your vacation.

10 Cheapest Tourist Destinations In Europe-poland

5. Portugal

If you’re looking for soothing beaches, sumptuous street food, and a nonstop wine supply, then this country must be there in your travel itinerary.  Surprisingly, it is one of the cheapest countries in Western Europe even Lisbon and Porto are the cheapest cities to visit.

10 Cheapest Tourist Destinations In Europe-portugal

6. Slovenia

Eastern Europe abounds in some of the cheapest cities in Europe, along with Ljubljana. In this regard, Slovenia is the most prominent. With pristine lakes, snow-capped mountains, and medieval buildings, it’s obvious why Ljubljana attracts millions of visitors each year. Above all, trekking guide is also cheap though keep in mind that you can divide your cost if you have other travel mates.


7. Spain

Most of travelers think that Spain would be an expensive place to travel to, but that’s only a myth. Spain can be really cheap. If you want to have a beach holiday, then you can spend a day on Mallorca or the canary islands. If you can stretch to 90 USD per day, and you’ll be able to enjoy a great time with amazing people around.


8. Greece

Greece can be your most favorite place to visit if you choose the right options available. One of the misconceptions travelers have about is traveling to Greece islands is expensive. But, in reality, traveling to the islands is not much expensive.


9. Serbia

Serbia is not one of the cheapest places in Europe. But there are some cities in Serbia that are the cheapest. Belgrade is one of them. Belgrade is a wondrous fortress-which is free to globetrotter. Very often, you will find street music and live entertainment on Skadarlija-street around Belgrade’s Bohemian area.


10. Romania

Bucharest is one of the best and cheapest places for people who love art and photography! The travelers can explore, The Palace of Parliament for a low entry fee. Also, the country is affordable for long stays.


These 10 Cheapest Tourist Destinations In Europe are the most adorable travel destinations to visit in Europe on a budget!

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