10 Cheapest Holiday Destination In Asia

Are you looking for 10 Cheapest Holiday Destination In Asia? here they are,

Looking for a pocket-friendly holiday destination? Here are some of the cheapest destinations around Asia where you pay less to discover more. Above all, Asia abounds in beauty and is home to some of the most breathtaking places across the world.

Asia’s these 10 tourist destinations must find their place in your next bucket list.


This country is an often overlooked country, it sits at the crossroads between Asia and Europe. The dazzling Caucasian Mountains are filled with gorgeous views  Here, the nightlife is super fun plus cheap, in Georgia, you ski in the day and hit the beach in the late afternoon. This country finds its place in the most visited country under budget constraints. Its rocky mountain range and deep caves can mesmerize you to the bones.

10 Cheapest Holiday Destination In Asia-georgia


Leaving aside the sightseeing flights for Himalaya Range, Nepal overall is very economical. As a benchmark, a meal in a budget restaurant will cost around 1 USD. Other than that, you can find cheap double and single rooms for as little as 10 USD. With a daily allowance of less than 30 dollars, visitors can make the most out of it in this fairyland country. Nepal’s capital is a little expensive but the fun is worth the money.

10 Cheapest Holiday Destination In Asia-nepal

Sri Lanka

 Many travellers enjoy Sri Lanka with a day budget of 6,000 LKR. Most significantly, climbing and trekking is most affordable along with accommodation, food and transportation. To mention, Colombo is one of those populated and yet fascinating capital city that has plenty of ancient sites. Fortunately, prices of the most scenic Sri Lankan places are not costly. Although, the country lacks infrastructure for tourism.

10 Cheapest Holiday Destination In Asia-sri-lanka


Vietnam is a budget backpacker’s scenic destination, with some of the cheapest facilities for tourism. You find a pocket-friendly breakfast and lunch easily here. Hanoi,  gets its fame for Vietnam’s cheapest city having an elegant mix of French colonialism and Asian post-communism. Also, you can have world’s cheapest beer here as well.

vietnam-10 Cheapest Holiday Destination In Asia


 It has wonderful landscapes, charming beaches, incredible lakes, idyllic islands and bustling cities. In some areas, you find many budget friendly guest houses .Then, Jakarta is the major epicenter for tourism. The Kuta Beach is an excellent travel bargain in general having cheap hotels in its outskirts.

indonesia-10 Cheapest Holiday Destination In Asia


Southeast Asia’s main thrilling destination continues to be a low-budget traveler’s dream, with as many tourist destinations as 250. It has plenty of ancient temples and buildings. Phuket, a rather large island having many beach resorts. It is a bit expensive area, still, cheapskates can have a great night being careful while spending and choosing.



The Philippines, with as many as 300 tourist attractions can be a popular stop for travelers due to its jaw-dropping beaches and modest rates. Most notably, country loads with many amazing cities, much cheaper than Manila. Now, there are many new hostels opening in the area but, be economic on luxuries to save a lot of money here.



Malaysia, in general, is famous for the world’s tallest buildings, has a stupendous amalgamation of ancient and exotic places. It is the top vacation site in Southeast Asia. No doubt, it is a vast country divided between its modern cities and rural villages, can win your heart with its budget-friendly restaurants and cheap accommodation cost that comes with most amazing views.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong is nowadays much populated yet, by international standards it is affordable. You have to compromise on quality and food in order to meet the expenses. Macau has some famous casinos, and other tourist attractions. The Hong Kong Pass can give you access to all main destinations in a short time for less money . . This country has the most cultural diversity with rich foods.


Beijing, China

Beijing is home to the ancient, Forbidden City, and the magnificent, Great Wall. Make sure you visit in a group than individually to save a lot on expenses. In fact, many sun-seekers head towards the East. Also, the country is affordable for longer stays. If you can stretch to 60 USD per day, you’ll be able to enjoy a lot more having a great time with people around.


These were the 10 Cheapest Holiday Destinations In Asia if you want to visit this make a hurry grab a ticket.

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