Terms & Conditions
For The Readerz

The Readerz have following Terms & Conditions which you must follow whether you are visiting this site or writing blogs or articles for this Site.

  • First of all while visiting to the site you are not allowed to copy our material and paste any where else with your name and we have the reserved right that we can claim this to Google for copy rights and plagiarism.
  • Secondly, If you are writing for The Readerz then be careful about writing and not to target any religion or race or any political party and not to show any political affiliation or hate speech or abusive language if you did so, So we have a right to delete and reject your articles.
  • Nextly, Be Careful while commenting on The Readerz and to write hate speech or any abusive languages and not to put any spamy links. We have a right to delete it and to report against you.