What is Facebook dark mode

What is Facebook dark mode?

To connect socially people use social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are over millions of daily active users on Facebook with the intention of job search, chatting, socially connecting, or sharing their experiences. To enhance their user experience Facebook announced to launch Facebook dark mode interface for desktop and its mobile app.

However, except enhancing users experience dark mode has its own benefits this is also the reason many other apps as WhatsApp, Messengers, and Twitter has launched this feature

What is Facebook’s dark mode and why should we be interested in it?

So, Facebook’s dark mode is the replacement of its usual white interface with the black background or grey color scheme for its desktop as well as a mobile app. It looks cool and soothing but there are ways more reasons to love these features for the users.

Reasons to love Facebook dark mode

Many users love working on black background with white font, it helps them to read more quickly than the usual scheme.
Through the research, it is concluded that dark mode helps to prevent the glare of intense light to your eyesight all day.
Blue light helps you better sleep at night after using social media.
The reason for which many users are curious is that Facebook dark mode also works as a battery saver while using Facebook. And give your smartphone long battery life to experience.

Facebook dark mode for desktop

Facebook has launched its dark mode for desktop users and they can easily switch from light mode to dark mode by following simple steps. Although the launch is not completed it is still rolling out to people.

To switch from light mode to dark mode you will receive a message which will direct you to the settings. Let’s have a look how to do it:

  1. Once you have received the message you can now switch to it by clicking on the account icon beside notification bell icon.
What is Facebook dark mode-desktop mode
  1. By clicking on that icon you will see options as your profile, privacy settings and all. Down there you can notice moon symbol.
  • By enabling that symbol you will directly switch to dark mode and your interface will enable black background with white font.
desktop dark mode of facebook

Facebook dark mode for android or IOs App

It is surprisingly shocking that Facebook is taking so long on launching its features as WhatsApp, Instagram― Facebook-owned apps have launched it earlier. Facebook is working for its dark mode for the Android app but as reported it is under progress.

This feature is not seen on the main Facebook app yet, but it would be timely. Although in my opinion, Facebook should have launched dark mode on its main app first as people use it more than desktop.

Whereas, reported that this feature has rolled out to a small number of users for the purpose to test their experience with it. It is also reported that Facebook’s lite users can enjoy this feature.

Facebook dark mode for android or IOs App

It is sad to hear that there is no update regarding dark mode on IOS devices. Maybe it is in progress as well.

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