The top 5 conspiracy Theories behind 5G technology

The top 5 conspiracy Theories behind 5G technology

The top 5 conspiracy Theories behind 5G technology are described below:

Whenever a new technology is introduced to the public, some people are bound to spread conspiracy theories. Whether to resist a new technology or an attempt to gain cheap fame, conspiracy theories have plagued our generations, both past, and present. Take the example of the 1990s when mobile phones were first introduced, conspiracy theorists claimed that using mobile phones could cause radiation and lead to cancer. Although these claims were refuted and later dismissed, the vast majority of the population remained cautious of the new technology.

The introduction of 5G technology was also met with several conspiracy theories, many of which are still being discussed on social media and other platforms. Here is a list of the top five conspiracy theories behind 5G.

1) COVID-19 is the result of 5G

You most likely may have heard about this conspiracy theory, “5G is the cause for the COVID-19 pandemic”. Conspiracy theorists were able to make this absurd connection when they realized that COVID-19 began spreading in November 2019 – the same month when China released 5G Networks in major cities. The theory spread like wildfire on the internet with several celebrities also releasing videos claiming 5G was the cause for COVID-19. Although these videos were taken down by YouTube, the conspiracy theory still remains at large.

2) 5G helps in spreading COVID-19

Unlike the previous theory which pits 5G as the root cause for the coronavirus pandemic, this theory claims that 5G technology is assisting in spreading the virus. According to conspiracy theorists, 5G weakens the immune system and makes individuals more susceptible to diseases. 5G helps in accelerating the transmission of COVID-19.

3) 5G is Hazardous to our Health

5G is Hazardous to our Health

Back in 2018 when 5G was first announced, a picture of an engineer climbing a cell site wearing a hazmat suit became viral. Conspiracy theorists argued that the engineer was wearing the hazmat suit to protect himself from the harmful radiation of 5G waves. Following several posts and tweets, this theory became common spread among 5G skeptics and critics. Both the World Health Organization and ICNIRP have stated several times that mobile communications have no adverse effect on human health.

4) 5G will make us sterile

5G will make us sterile

Many conspiracy theorists claim that 5G is designed to make us sterile. This theory originates from the fact that 5G utilizes 2.4 GHz frequency band – the same band that microwave ovens use for cooking. According to theorists, the high frequency has the ability to cook water molecules in the human body which could lead to sterilization. Some theorists have even gone so far as to claim that we should pull our children from schools to protect them from the sterilizing effects of 5G technology. Other theorists conclude that this is a grand scheme to reduce the human population and control the remaining survivors.

5) 5G will be used to control the weather

5G will be used to control the weather

Probably the most far-fetched theory out there, some conspiracy theorists believe that 5G satellites will be used to control the weather. For years conspiracy theorists have speculated that the US military will control the weather using the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facility. According to the anti-5G movement, the US government will harness the power of 5G technology and with the help of HAARP, they will try to control the weather.

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