Modder Creates A Portable Nintendo Wii With The Help Of The GameBoy Color

When it comes to handheld gaming devices and consoles, Nintendo is probably the first name that will pop up in most people’s heads. Nintendo has been creating handheld gaming devices for decades now, however, it wasn’t until the introduction of the Nintendo Switch that the company would create their first portable handheld device that was on par with modern-day gaming consoles.

Let’s not forget the fans either, who have been transforming Nintendo handheld devices into novelty gaming gadgets for many years now (some may even consider it a custom). Recently, one such hard-core fan decided to transform the Nintendo Wii into the earliest handheld consoles – The GameBoy Color. The Modder known as GingerOfMods made a portable Nintendo Wii console by cramming it into a GameBoy Color. He has aptly named his creation, the “WiiBoy Color”.

While explaining how he created the WiiBoy Color, GingerOfMods made it very clear that this is an actual working gaming console. “Despite its small size, it’s a fully fleshed-out device with a full feature set, rather than just a novelty,” GingerOfMods explained. He made a YouTube video in which he explains the entire process of breaking down and retrofitting the Nintendo Wii into his custom made GameBoy Color. Instead of taking an actual GameBoy Color, GingerOfMods 3D-printed his own custom-fit GameBoy look-alike case. This allowed him to fit some necessary changes like larger batteries, shoulder buttons, and triggers which the original GameBoy lacked.

According to the Modder, the two main tasks were to somehow trim the Nintendo Wii motherboard to a small enough size so that it could fit inside his custom case and to hack the Wii software, removing the need for a disk drive altogether. The rest of the hardware consists of 3D-Printed shells and his own custom-made circuit boards. All-in-all, the specs of the WiiBoy Color are quite impressive. A 3.5-inch IPS display with 480p resolution, a stereo speaker at the front, power, and volume buttons. The addition of Z buttons and two triggers is a welcome change and did we mention that the WiiBoy Color also comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack, LED light for battery life, and a USB-C Port. GingerOfMods reports that the WiiBoy Color has a battery life of around 2-3 hours.

With the absence of a disk drive, the only way you can play a game on the WiiBoy Color is by loading games into the USB stick attached to the console. Games can be added onto the device by plugging it into your PC via the USB-C port. The WiiBoy Color will support both Wii Games as well as GameCube and GameDice ROMS. The console comes with backward compatibility allowing for older titles to be played as well, so there is plenty of new and old titles that you can enjoy on the WiiBoy Color.

There is definitely a lot of potential in the WiiBoy Color and considering that it can play both GameCube and Nintendo Wii games, this totally worth the purchase. Although GingerOfMods has mentioned that he won’t be mass-producing the WiiBoy, he still intends to sell them at the highest bidder. More information can be found on his social media accounts.

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