iPhone And Android Comparison

I may not be exaggerating if I say iPhone vs android is one of the huge disputes of the world. There are thousands of android lovers out there who hate the iPhone and vice versa. Both of the systems are completely different from one another and those differences are visible. This thing is famous on the internet that once an android user can’t get to know how to use iPhone and Apple users can never adjust in the android system. So, over here I would be comparing and discussing the differences between iPhone and android system. 


Pictures are what this generation is living for and nowadays pictures can be a make-it or break-it kind of a thing. If you get excellent pictures it’s a FAB day contrary to that if you get a bad picture then it’s a DAB day. Due to that camera created 80% of the impression on the customer because that’s what they look for at the first. It would be injustice to the iPhone if I say their camera results are not amazing because they are. iPhone’s picture quality, as well as camera results, are FAB and with every new model, their quality is enhancing. And now it feels like just because of iPhone’s camera result every second person is turning out to be a photographer as everyone can capture mesmerizing shots. But here comes the fun fact about iPhone and that is its camera works well only if you have great lightening sun-light seems like a best friend of iPhone and just due to that it seems like it doesn’t do wonders in the nightlight.

But on the other hand, android featuring companies are also giving a tough competition to the iPhone. In that the number one is Samsung as it is launching it’s every model with the best camera results and it seems like the audience is getting more attracted to Samsung due to its best camera results.  


Moments are always meant to be saved forever and we all are always looking for a technology or a system that keeps our pictures safe. So, in android photos get saved in “google photos” and in iPhone iCloud backup does the job of keeping photos. But iCloud backup might be a drawback for iPhone as it only holds 5% of storage capacity and in iPhone, there is no option of inserting a USB. While in android your photos are saved in “google photos” and you can also opt for the option of transferring your photos in USB. Most of the iOS users are downloading google photos in their system to secure their photos. And just because of that cause team android goes for the WIN because as per them what’s the point of buying iPhone if you are downloading “google photos”.   


In iPhone “Siri” will be giving you all the information and in android, this role is played by google assistant. But talking about who functions more accurately and perfectly then the answer would be “Siri”. We have more options in the iPhone related to “Sir” it is up to you that you want the male or female form of the Siri. Regarding that the Siri is more understanding comparatively google assistant and provide with the more precise information. While on the other hand google assistant mostly brings out the opposite result of what we asked and functions more like a turtle.  


Nowadays everyone is addicted to gadgets and they just want to be on their phones 24/7 ignoring the fact of how enormous it is for our real health. But now it seems like youth is focusing more on the battery health than their health. Discussing that while comparing both the system then android has more battery health than iPhone as I have witnessed that sometimes an android battery can go for 2 days but that’s very rare in iPhone. As the iPhone loses its battery real fast and there are thousands of battery issues you will find regarding iOS on the internet and the bad thing about the iPhone is it is really difficult to fix. Apart from the battery health, iPhone tends to lose its battery capacity with time and it is shown in its settings.


Our phones are our new secret keeper as they have all of our formal, informal, personal, or professional information that’s why security of them is everyone’s number one priority as we don’t want to leak out all our information. And that’s what iPhones offer, opening the iPhone without the permission of their owner is nearly impossible. If you ever forget the password of your phone and tries to put in the wrong guess then iOS can even get locked for 54 years or more that’s how promising it is based on security. While, on the other hand, androids can be opened or hacked easily.

iPhone proves to be best for security as one can’t even download any app from the app store without the permission of the owner while it’s almost opposite in the android.


iPhone’s silent mode can be turned on and off by a special button is has and I think this is also one of the features which makes iOS stand out of the crowd while android does not have any of such features.

Apps are downloaded in iPhone by app store.Apps are downloaded in Android through play store or google store.
The update of iPhone is more prompt.Android updates their phones very rarely.
iPhone’s battery health does not last longer.Android battery health is promising.
It has a closed system.It has an open system.
The camera of iPhone shows amazing results.The camera of most of android phones is okay.

Well, at some point iPhone is the best while in other points, the Android wins our hearts. So, to think which one is better is nearly a stupid thought because both of them have pros and cons on their own.

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