Huawei launching IT training program for Pakistan government officials

It is great news that Huawei launching an IT training program for Pakistan government officials:

Mark Meng CEO of Huawei Technologies of Pakistan held a business meeting with Syed Amin-Ul-Haque Federal Minister of IT and Telecommunication regarding a plan of action. In which Huawei technologies will also inaugurate a training program for current Government representatives.

Huawei launching IT training program for Pakistan government officials

The minister sincerely acknowledged this delegation and other affairs regarding information and technology (IT), information and communication technology (ICT), connectivity, spectrum, and digitalization were likewise part of this meeting.

Huawei’s initiation in the division of ICT was likewise publicized by the CEO and the minister esteemed the achievement of Huawei Technologies. And indicated a positive gesture of certainty seeing their work in ICT as a tech- titan.

Later that day MoIT and Telecommunication tweeted about the meeting that said: “Delegation of Huawei Technologies Pakistan led by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Huawei Mr. Mark Meng, Deputy CEO Mr. Ahmed Bilal Masud and Director Government (Huawei) Mr. Fawad Ul Haque called on Federal Minister for IT and Telecom Syed Amin Ul Haque today”

Huawei & NAVTTC ICT Training

MoIT and Telecommunication showed interest and suggested that they will support any initiative that Huawei Technologies needs to begin to help make employment for the young people of Pakistan. And also to inspire the local IT firms in the nation.

This initiative from Huawei Technologies will help Pakistan in the long run. As well as in the present times as a major portion of the Pakistani population consists of youth. And they have the capability to learn and equip themselves with new trends and changes that occur around the globe.

Huawei launching IT training program for Pakistan government officials

Through this proposal, the administration authorities of Pakistan will have skills of IT and innovation by which they will effortlessly attempt to comprehend the issues of youth. That what truly, they have to improve and where changes must be made. And find new ways they can give youth better chances and opportunities to learn and serve the nation.

To assist the youth, the government would need to think alike, ask for suggestions from the youth and then provide them with various ways to learn and earn online. As well as offline through different government registered websites and applications. Which can also help in securing an income even by sitting at home.

This initiative from Huawei is a ray of hope for Pakistan and its youth as it can help in the advancement of the country which may ultimately make it.

Huawei Technologies has already played a vital role in Pakistan’s economy by making 224 million USD local procurement which led to making Huawei the number one taxpayer in the ICT sector in 2018. Other than that Huawei has 600 plus workers and has created 25000 plus job facilities in Pakistan. This does not stop here Huawei is planning to launch programs such as Huawei ICT Competition. Huawei ICT Academy, and Seeds to discover the regional talent and contribute for the betterment of this republic.

A tech-monster like Huawei is contributing in Pakistan – this would lead to other tech-monsters like Alcatel, Sony and many others to launch their services and contribute further into the ICT sector of Pakistan.

This was all about the Huawei launching IT training program for Pakistan government officials and for Pakistanis.

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