Galaxy Watch 3

Galaxy Watch 3

The wait is finally over! Samsung has finally launched its “up to the minute” (pun intended) The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 which is newer, lighter, thinner and don’t forget exorbitant too.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is more of a lifestyle smartwatch. Whereas the Samsung Watch Active was more of a fitness smartwatch – released prior back in February 2019 along with Galaxy S10.

Galaxy Watch 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is available in two different sizes, 45mm and 41mm variant. 41mm is for all my spindly wrists people out there as 45mm is way too chunky; screen size is 1.4-inch and 1.2-inch display, respectively. Both the variants are IP68 rated with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage. Samsung has claimed that the newer version is 14 per cent thinner and 15 per cent lighter. Which makes it comfortable to wear.

Galaxy Watch 3

The size you pick influences the cost, as does whether you need LTE-empowered model, which is about $399 for 41mm and $429 for 45mm. Whereas, the LTE models take it up a notch at $449 for 41mm and $479 for 45mm.

Samsung skipped the Watch 2 as it was concerned that people will be getting confuse as which one is better. The 41mm is available in mystic bronze and sliver color, whereas 45mm is available in silver and black. It also comes with a color-matched leather band. (Woohoo!)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes fully rotatable bezel and an awesome display with Stainless steel frame and Gorilla Glass DX protection.

It has a two-day battery life which has an advantage over its competitor “Apple Watches”. However, the watch-only mode will keep you going for well over a month per charge. Similarly, it helps in keeping a track of your sleep and also has the features of the blood pressure sensor, heart-rate sensor and ECG measurement. Samsung has claimed that Samsung is working with FDA to acquire permission for these features in the US.

Apart from fitness tracking, it can help you with other notifications as well as answering calls, setting alarms, hands-free assistant, customizable watch-faces and much more.

The Watch 3 additionally has another characteristic that is of fall detection. Which will notify four designated contact numbers when a fall is recognized, nevertheless, this is similar to the element in the Apple Watch.

It can follow up-to 40 distinctive sports, like running, swimming and cardio-based exercises for hikers. 33 of these tracked manually, while others are auto. However, the auto feature has claimed by customers not to be that effective.

A titanium model is going to be launching sometime in the future. However, it’ll available in the 45mm Mystic Black Wi-Fi variation only.

Galaxy Watch 3

Overall, the watch is pretty decent with a sleek style and formal look, it can wear to college, job, and even to a formal function. But it is way too expensive. Many customers have claimed that it was somewhat better than Apple Watches. However, if you have this much money to spend on a watch the I would say, go for it. “You do you!”

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