Trump Held A Big Rally Inside In A State Where You’re Not Allowed To Hold A Big Rally Inside

We are making you aware of that Trump Held A Big Rally Inside In A State Where You’re Not Allowed To Hold A Big Rally Inside

It seems every action of current US President Donald Trump has a tendency to cause controversy. Leading up to the election, it appears that President Trump has been accelerating his campaign into the maximum gear and trying to get as much attention as possible from his loyal followers. In this spirit, Donald Trump held the first indoors promotional rally in almost 3 months this Sunday. The rally was held in the Xtreme Manufacturing facility in Henderson, Nevada. Trump’s speech during this rally was nothing out of the ordinary. As the election comes closer, the current POTUS took this opportunity to attack his competitor, Joe Biden as well as bolster the morale of his supporters. In his rally he stated that the nation was on the brink of defeating the virus once and for all.

 The main point of contention and the one because of which this rally was criticized is because, in Nevada, indoor gatherings exceeding 10 people are illegal. This is a measure taken by the Nevada Government to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus and has been in effect for months. Yet, in the rally, it was blatantly disregarded as hordes of Trump supporters flooded the facility, with little regard for social distancing and masks. The packed arena was as a powder keg waiting to explode.  This rally was reminiscent of a previous rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma which resulted in a surge of COVID-19 positive cases all over the city. This was a highly controversial move and to see it repeated in an entirely new state has left the democrats with much to hold against President Trump. At the current rate, the pandemic had been killing 1,000 Americans a day and around 200,000 had already lost their lives due to the virus. The Democrat Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak picked up on this and stated that Trump was putting countless lives in danger for selfish ends and reckless behavior. He said that Trump does not think the laws of the states apply to him.

 The venue, Xtreme Manufacturing facility, likewise came under fire for disregarding state laws and allowing a large gathering to take place within. It was revealed by Henderson City spokesperson, Kathleen Richards that the venue would be fined and suspended for violating state laws. Trump, on the other hand, came to the rescue of the venue, comparing it with the BLM protests that are taking place all over the USA. Trump went on to say that if it is legal for protestors to gather and riot, it is likewise legal for his supporters to gather peacefully under the 1st Amendment. He said that he, himself would support the attendees should the governor “come after [them]”.

 Although the rally was controversial, the attendance was undeniably underwhelming. Owing to perhaps the coronavirus restrictions and perhaps the peoples’ lack of faith in the current president of the United States, barely 6,000 people attended. Nevertheless, the rally was the perfect venue for Donald Trump to aid him in his rhetoric of re-opening the country.  The attendees themselves had no qualms about the looming virus and were steadfast in their support of Donald Trump. The final say of the American people, however, would be decided come election day.

Trump Held A Big Rally Inside In A State Where You’re Not Allowed To Hold A Big Rally Inside Let`s see what happens!

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