Which Math Techniques Can Help You in Each Phase of Your Life?

Have you ever wondered while taking a mathematics class, “what’s the purpose of learning complex algebra and trigonometry? When will I ever use it in my life?” This is the most common question that almost every student asks when starting off with high school mathematics. The typical response to such questions always boils down to; “You’ll understand the importance of Math and Algebra later on in life.” However, in most cases, students usually opt for career choices that seldom use any mathematics (unless you’re an engineer). This is why many students find it difficult to understand the practical applications of mathematics beyond the classroom, even though they are utilizing mathematics throughout each phase of their lives without even realizing it.

Financial Management:

There comes a phase in every person’s life where they have to start managing their budget. It’s a universal responsibility that every teenager goes through as they start earning and making a living for themselves. Financial management requires a basic knowledge of fundamental mathematical operations so that one can calculate their net income. Often times when making large purchases, it is best to calculate the total cost over the long term. Balancing your bank account, handling mortgage, and determining whether an investment is profitable, all require adequate knowledge of mathematical techniques.

Health and Fitness:

Being fit and living a healthy life is one of the main reasons why people exercise and commit to planned diets. So, how does mathematics help a person to stay in top shape? Well, as it turns out, mathematics is used in a variety of ways in health and fitness programs. Calculating calorie intake, measuring your body mass index, and using algebraic equations to measure the body fat percentage are all dependent upon crucial mathematical techniques. When exercising, it’s important to know how much weight a person is lifting or how much distance they have covered over a set period. These calculations all require the help of basic mathematical techniques that are often frowned upon by students.

Construction and Decoration:

Trigonometry is probably one of the most difficult concepts for students to grasp, however, it’s also the most crucial aspects of construction work. It’s what helps engineers to design tall skyscrapers and sturdy bridges that have made our lives much easier. Now it is true that most people are highly unlikely to become construction workers but most people will definitely decorate their house on their own. This is one of those scenarios, where math is crucial for proper end results. Knowing how much square feet of paint is required, the exact dimensions of your floor or living room, measuring angles and distances, converting between different metrics. Again, a basic understanding of fundamental mathematical techniques is required to answer all of these questions.

Critical Thinking

Now you might be thinking, “How does math help me to become a critical thinker?” Although thinking doesn’t require any complex equations or the use of numbers, knowing mathematics helps individuals to analyze and assess situations much better. The more mathematics and techniques that a person knows, the more they can think for themselves and find solutions to difficult real-world problems. In school, students are often tasked with word problems which require a careful analysis of details and determining which information is useful and which is irrelevant. This relates to the real world where often times when making difficult decisions, it’s important to critically think and find solutions by thinking outside the box.

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