Pakistan’s Independence Day And COVID19

For any nation, Independence day has its significance. Pakistan, as an Independent Nation, observes this day on 14 of August. This day has special celebrations and happiness for the people of Pakistan as after a lot of struggles and hardships under the leadership of M.A. Jinnah and other companions; they got freedom from the rule of British and Hindu Government. They were able to call themselves a separate nation.

On that part of the land, everyone was free to follow their religion, culture, and premisses without fear of government or any other authoritative bodies.

Pakistani people observe this day as National Holiday, which they celebrate with great zeal and enthusiasm. People all over Pakistan showcase their love and patriotism towards their beloved Country by passing out Rallies in different parts of countries, by holding flag hoisting ceremonies on the official buildings in the remembrance of the sacrifices of millions of national heroes.

Pakistani soldiers march past in front of Wagha Border Lahore. People used to gather there to watch that parade and encourage those soldiers who are serving Pakistan. The national anthem has been sung in chorus in the pride of an INDEPENDENT NATION.

Even the children in Pakistan celebrate this day with such enthusiasm by wearing green and white Clothes (color of Pakistan’s Flag ) lighting up houses and exchanging wishes.

Celebrations during COVID-19

Same as other nations, Pakistan is also fighting a battle of CORONA VIRUS COVID19. Pakistan will experience its 74th Independence during this pandemic. But still the zeal and enthusiasm of Pakistani people are on the peak, COVID19 has effected Pakistans economy very harshly, that if we as a nation didn’t fight for it, the results would be traumatizing.

A large number of COVID cases have decreases these days but, still facing novel virus COVID 19.It is a challenging time for every Country primarily for the Pakistani government to control its rapid spread among its population. The government of Pakistan has uplifted lockdown but still asked their people to follow SOPs.

Pakistan’s prime minister, the Imran khan, lauded People of his Country on the continuous decrease of COVID Cases and advised them to follow SOPs to control rapid spread.

However, the enthusiasm of Pakistani people is still on its peak, and a large number of people celebrate this day with great patriotism.

Covid-19 pakistan

Peoples of Pakistan are advised to gather virtually with the help of technology. Avoid shaking hands or exchanging hugs to each other; people are asked to stay protected and follow all the guidelines and safety precautions before any gathering. According to their government, CORONA Free Pakistan will be able to fight upcoming challenges.

Precautions to follow:

  • Washing hands frequently.
  • Avoiding large gatherings.
  • Avoid shaking hands or exchanging hugs.
  • If you are sick, do maintain distance from others.
  • Cover your mouth and nose.

As a nation, it’s the responsibility of People living in Pakistan to fight with this virus and make their Country free from it. Pakistan can control it by following precautions during celebrations.

Independence day of Pakistan during Covid 19 can be celebrated by following precautions to avoid incrementing the number of patients during celebrations. Ignoring SOPs might result in devastating to the economic growth of the nation in the future.

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