Muhammara Gazpacho Is A Cold Soup That’ll Warm Your Heart

Soups are the sign of winters. We all have heard about sweet and sour soup, chicken corn soup, and mushroom soup. But have you ever heard about “Muhammara Gazpacho?” I bet you haven’t! I am right here to provide all the goods and odds of this unique dish.


You can say that “Muhammara Gazpacho” is a red sauce soup that can be used along as a red sauce spread on the bread or serve on the top of the chicken and enjoy it. Basically, “Muhammara” is an Arabic word which means red, and “Gazpacho” is a Spanish word which means sauce or a soup.

If you think that Muhammara Gazpacho is an Arabic dish, but it is not. It was originated from Syria and is a typical dish of Turk, Arab, & Syria. And these traditional countries always choose to serve this delicious dish in most of their special dinners and evenings. 


 This traditional Syrian dish has red ingredients the most that is why it is ever so spicy and known as red soup. It is made of red bell pepper, which is the main base of this dish. Apart from that, it has walnuts, garlic, red tomato sauce, Aleppo pepper (which is a relatively new ingredient for most of us). One more item that makes Muhammara Gazpacho a bloody red is a pomegranate juice. Surprising right? But Yes, it

does have the liquid in it as well.


Alpine Pepper is the Australian ingredient: the mixture of sumac, other spices, and pepper berries.  But the sad part about making this starter is alpine pepper is not readily available. No need to leave the idea of making this dish because every problem has a solution. And you still can make “Muhammara Gazpacho” by using black pepper instead of alpine pepper. This ingredient’s difference wouldn’t make a lot of difference, and it will taste the same.


Now, as we know what this red soup consists of, let’s more to the recipe. 

  • This recipe needs roasted bell pepper. So, to marinate pepper with olive oil and roast them in a preheated oven to 425 F. Roast them thoroughly approximately for 30 mins. 
  • After the red bell peppers are roasted, take them separately into the bowl and secure them in a foil paper or wrap them so that the steam is out, and it is easy to peel. Peal out all the seeds and cut the peppers into small pieces. 
  • Now put the roasted and peeled red pepper into the blender and almost all the ingredients, including walnut, tomato paste, pomegranate juice, breadcrumbs, salt, and sugar sumac, and Aleppo pepper. Lastly, don’t forget to add a few olive oil drops and give them a bit of slimy texture.
  • After that, you are almost done with; your the famous “Muhammara Gazpacho.” Take the blended mixture out in the separate bowl. Allow it to cool down. 
  • Garnish it with parsley, or whatever you like. 
  • And enjoy this dish with the best sidelines you like, may it be in the form of pita bread, you can also use it as a dipping sauce for nacho, and whatnot. 
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