Lockdown Situation All Over the World


Brace yourself. Stand your ground or I would say, stay at home! This year the Earth shut down in fear and we observed the insignificance of human life. Everything was going normal with all its usual hustle and bustle when all of a sudden 2020 happened and dropped its bombs of terror and anxiety one after the other all over the world.

 It didn’t take long when even the greatest of powers had to yield and to wrap up all their businesses, quarantining and locking down. SARS-CoV-2, also known as the notorious CoronaVirus, a creepy little killing machine set the world upside down, spreading quickly and exponentially, affecting millions and asphyxiating hundreds of thousand people causing such a mass panic that we millennial had never fathomed.

 Most of us used to believe with their oozing confidence that they were ready to face anything until something beyond our imagination hit them right in the face, although; a pandemic situation wasn’t something that never crossed our minds. Most of us have watched the movie: “Contagion” but considered reluctantly that something as uncanny as that cannot happen in the 21st century. We were wrong; very wrong and we were naively unprepared except for Bill Gates-which; which brought up all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories as well.

All the governments had to shut down businesses and we had nothing to do but to wait and wait inside our houses while Reaper kept working double or maybe triple shifts across borders; growing business exponentially just like he did in 1918.

I am praying that things get back to normal, people getting out fearless, hugging, and couples holding hands in cafes drinking coffee and snacks, watching thrillers in cinemas, children playing and running in the fields and parks, laughing without face-coverings… and shouting, embracing the beauty of life.

By the end of July, more than 700,000 people have died with the highest death toll in the USA, Brazil, and India but the UK has the highest deaths per million all over the world (683 deaths/Million). Why did the UK fail to contain the virus spread? The simple answer to the question is that Boris lifted the curfew a little too soon although there are other factors involved as well.

China’s response to Covid-19 was had been quite efficient. At the end of January, the total number of confirmed cases all over the world was around 600 out of which 571 cases were reported in Wuhan, China. The doctors and researchers all over the Wuhan districts ran tests and kept up-to-date records of all the sick patients. As soon as human to human transmission was confirmed, Chinese authorities immediately locked down the entire Wuhan district canceling all sorts of crowded activities, keeping all schools and universities closed, shutting down transport, and so on. This massive scale lockdown and social distancing cost economic losses that may take several years to recover.

This lockdown situation has damaged the education system throughout the world rendering total closure of schools, colleges, and universities. Education boards asked for suggestions to be able to continue classes online. Some schools developed customized apps to provide online lectures and other adopted social media apps like Zoom and WhatsApp. It has been very difficult for both teachers and students to adapt new tools for learning and successfully working on these new platforms. This problem stumped students and teachers all over the world.

Covid-19 came up with one of the greatest economic crises and affected the poor class worst. Daily wagers had no work which led them to beg for basic human needs like food and shelter. A global depression shook the mere foundation of our political system raising questions about the safety and rights of each citizen.

While millions lost their jobs or went broke, many used this crisis situation as an opportunity and found sneaky or smart ways to earn their living. Some started selling masks and hand sanitizers, others developed online home delivery services for food, medicine and goods. At the same time Social media businesses boomed as well. Since, people inclined more towards online shopping; it was easy to attract more traffic to sell their product. Even YouTube channels had many folds subscribers and views since people had nothing else to do so they spent more and more time watching videos or reading their favorite articles.   

Now that the number of new cases and deaths are going down, governments are considering lifting lockdowns comprehensively and continuing with the new world order. There are countries like New Zealand which, under the remarkable leadership of Jacinda, not only successfully defeated Covid-19 but have also lifted lockdown completely and progressed effectively by achieving milestone after milestone in the history of New Zealand leadership.

The Lockdown scenario can be regarded as “The greatest psychological experiment on Humans”. Of course, most of us have felt the agony of being prisoned inside our homes and certainly, we can empathize better with all the animals that we kept inside cages or zoos. People that have been quarantined were highly susceptible to developing a wide range of psychological stress including insomnia, anxiety, anger, depression, and most of all Post Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Human beings are aiming creatures and this lockdown scenario made people more or less aimless. This sense of aimlessness is causing most of the irritability and self-doubt amongst young and adults.

India imposed the longest lockdown and thus was successful in saving lives of hundreds of thousands. The death per million in India remained as low as 30 compared with the US being 492 which puts a huge question mark on Trump’s policies against Covid-19. Similar is the case with Brazil.

There is a race to develop an effective vaccine throughout the leading research facilities in China, Israel, America, Canada, France, Australia, UK, and several other countries but not only that it may take several more months for testing and trials, but also that the damage Covid-19 has caused us for far is already pretty irreparable. May we all stand together for a better tomorrow!

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