Why Do People Like To Play PUBG Game

Player Unknown Battleground or simply PUBG is a multiplayer online game that can be played on both: personal computers and mobile phones. We have been playing first person shooting games like Counter Strike and IGI but PUBG added features like easy online worldwide connectivity through Facebook and voice-chatting etc. that made PUBG stand out and became one of the most popular games in the history of online gaming but there are many alarming concerns as well that may have been the reason behind several deaths and unanticipated addiction cases among young children and adults. This article is an analytical insight on video-gaming generally and PUBG specifically. If you want to understand why it so difficult for us to avoid binge-playing PUBG for hours and hours every day then read this article to the end because we will be breaking-down 7 reasons why you can become a slave to PUBG and how you can avoid this addiction.

One of the explanations for the fact that people are so much interested in playing games is because, from a socio-psychological point of view, games are a microcosm of reality. PUBG, for example, is basically a hunting game because you are firing a projectile at a target and you have a team that is figuring out how to hunt and in order to hunt properly, you have to hunt down as many enemies as you possibly can without getting yourself or any of your team-members injured/killed so you organize your team in a hierarchy to facilitate that.  It is also very important for you to play in such a way that you give your team-members more chances to grow and not try to be the hero doing everything alone because if you got injured or killed, all the weak members of your team will also die. After all, you didn’t give them a lot of chances to grow to become just as competent. It’s not always about whether or not you win or lose; instead, it is about how you play. What that means is that you have to play in such a way that the best players lead but everybody gets developed to maximize success in the long-term and also learn to handle the competition under pressure

Of course, it is also highly addictive

Well, games are complicated and it isn’t clear what people are thinking when they are playing. They may be expanding their cognitive skills. They may be learning to cooperate or learning to engage in complex problem solving but how many hours a day are you playing determines whether it is healthy or not because there are several other things that you need to be attending for you like your family and also the society and so by only engaging into addictive activities like playing video-games, you can easily get pulled down rabbit-holes of all sorts that are one-sided pursuits of meaning. The question is, “How can you stop yourself from falling prey to a pathological sense of meaning?” Video-games like PUBG which is very carefully calibrated to keep you on the edge of exploration and provides you a sense of instant gratification which damages your dopamine functioning and makes you want things without actually making as the effort for it, therefore, leading to slow degradation of the motivation centers in your brain.

7 Reasons why PUBG is so addictive

  1. It gives a Temporary Escape from your Problems. No matter if you are a teenager or an adult, there are always some things that may cause you to stress either because you didn’t want to face it or fix it so instead you started to avoid it temporarily by deviating your focus on something that makes you forget about real-life-problems for a while.
  2. PUBG is more of a Social game because it allows you to not only interact and team up with your friends and family but also to talk with them during the game which makes the bonding even stronger and so you feel like making a strong social connection with your team members.
  3. It provides you a clear aim. Human beings are fundamentally aiming creatures and thus find life’s meaning only by setting an aim with an arbitrary pathway towards pursuing that aim. In real life, it is very difficult for most of us to find true meaning and most of us don’t know what they really want to do in life so often they feel lost and confused. PUBG, not only gives you a clear ambition but also a pathway to achieving that aim which gives us a sense of fulfillment and purpose.
  4. It keeps you motivated through rewards and ranks. The greatest source of motivation for continuing struggle is “The Reward” and PUBG does exactly that. It keeps you motivated by continuously rewarding with gifts, higher ranks, and status which makes you want to play more and more, forever.
  5. You don’t have to invest effort or money. Most of the hobbies or things that we do for leisure require some pre-requisites in the form of physical effort, energy, or money but in the case of PUBG, you don’t have to do anything. Just sit anywhere anytime, and start playing.
  6. It makes you a Hero. Who doesn’t want to be a hero? PUBG allows you to develop your character as a legend with your legacy of completed challenges and wins.
  7. It builds up a hierarchical structure. In all social systems, hierarchies are inevitable and the value of a person is often determined by his/her relative position in his/her social circle. We often judge ourselves by comparing ourselves with the people around us. In the case of PUBG, you can feel less insecure about your actual position in society because you are a probably the best PUBG player in town and that’s also one of the reasons why you don’t want to quit playing PUBG because your mere delusion will shatter and you don’t have the guts to face your reality and by accepting your actual responsibilities in real-life scenarios.

In order to overcome PUBG game addiction, you have to retool you perception and your actions by practicing “delayed gratification” and taking personal responsibility.

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