Essential Travel Items, What’s In My Bag?

Essential Travel Items, What's In My Bag?

There are so many people out there who dream of traveling, who have travel books, saving for traveling, and even working or seeking more opportunities just for traveling. For sure, traveling is the most fantastic adventure to be done in a lifetime. But here I am to tell you a little con of traveling. That is, while traveling, things go messed up most of the time. Because of this messed up situation and because you are entirely out of your comfort zone, home, you do get a little exhausted while traveling. Today we are going to tell you the Essential Travel Items.

So, here I am going to make a list of travel essential items for you guys to feel your home is going around where ever you are, and that is through your bag! Now let’s dig into my traveling bag and get to know how my bag keeps cheering me during the odds while traveling? Let’s see what I keep in it and what you should keep in your travel bag.


Out of so many perfect partners traveling and headphones are also one of them. My headphones have to be my best friend during traveling. As the music changes, your mood and playlist play a significant role in cheering up. The thought of traveling through the gorgeous scenery of your travel destination and music blasting in your ears gives you all the filmy and cheesy vibes. And trust me, our music and headphones play a massive role in our lives.


As I mentioned before, traveling can get a little tricky, and honestly, you don’t get much time to get ready with details and search for your products. So, for that case, don’t forget to keep a very tiny makeup bag in your bag, which has all the basic makeup essentials. Also, try to stay as minimal products as you can and again try to use one product for more purpose.

I keep in my travel makeup kit a tint that works 2 in 1 on cheek and lips and a Mascara. That’s it, and guys, this much makeup is enough to make you look pretty in the pictures.

Also, if you are a boy, altogether skip this point.   


Sunglasses are a lifesaver during traveling, so it has to be a MUST. I think we can’t pass a day without sunglasses because the major traveling is done in the day time and especially at those times when the sun is scorching bright on the top of our heads. So, sunglasses your views a little clearer and more made it more accessible.

FUN FACT: Sunglasses also helps us to sleep peacefully in our vehicles.


Suppose you go traveling for 15 days, so do you think you may take a bath for 15 days? I know right, it is not. Sometimes, it gets two days without taking baths, sometimes three, which can make you stinky. And we don’t want to leave a wrong impression on people, or we don’t want to run away from us, kidding. So, just for that case, we all should keep a travel-size perfume or a deodorant in our bags which smells heavenly. 


Did you even make it if you haven’t grams it? Instagram aesthetic pictures game so high in times like this, and we all want a good shot at every destination we visit. So, a good camera or a cell phone are essential travel items with a good camera is one of the most essentials of traveling. Going on a trip without a camera is impossible until and unless it’s an utterly loyal detox trip.


Out of so many challenges we face during traveling, one of them is not getting food up to our liking and compromising nutrition. Here I have a solution for you whenever you feel hungry or craving for something. Just put a piece of bubble gum in your mouth, and it does help you. So, for that, a pack or I should say a lot of collection of bubble gums in a travel bag is necessary. 


A hair tie is that element that can get lost anywhere and everywhere. Things like hair bands or bobby pins are so hard to take care of that you can never keep them in the count. So, keep a lot of packs of them in your bag as each one of your hair ties will betray you in your trip. And it would be best if you always had a plan B in your pocket while traveling because the most consistent hairstyle of girls while traveling is a high ponytail or a high bun.


More traveling means more exposure to the sun, and that means more skin damage. Vitamin D is undoubtedly the best solution for our health, but the sun damages our skin in a way that takes years to tanned back in the real state. And that’s why an SPF 40+ sunscreen is a must in your traveling wrong. Make sure to re-apply it after 2-3 hours and protect your skin.


Ever heard the term travel sickness? I know how worst it gets. So, traveling therapy should always be in your traveling bag so that you avoid getting sick in your precious traveling days and enjoy them full-heartedly.


A charged power bank essential travel item for our cell phones is mandatory. Cell phones are a lifesaver during traveling, but sadly their battery is only limited, and the power bank indirectly makes your phone’s battery life quite longer.


There is no better friend than a book, and I couldn’t relate more to anything than this. Simultaneously, traveling the best option to opt for to select a motivational or a ROMCOM book that will keep you entertained throughout the long and curvy routes of your trip. Also, never go for an emotional or sad ending love story after all, who wants to cry their heart out in the middle of their journey.

So, if you are up for traveling, then keep all these traveling essentials in your bag and THANK ME LATER. Because it genuinely does makes traveling a lot easier.

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