Is Blogging Good For The Stress Relieve?

Is Blogging Good For The Stress Relieve?

Today we have a research for u that: Is Blogging Good For The Stress Relieve?


Early humans started communicating through writing. They observed that through it, they would be able to pass on their thoughts and legacies to their future generation.

As time rolled, humans progressed and their mediums of writings also evolved. A few decades ago, individuals used to write diaries and journals, but it was all private.

With advancements in science and technology, the writing platform also modernized, and people got new styles and mediums to express them. Blogging becomes a source of outlet and catharsis of emotions for many.


The human mind contains hurricanes of thoughts and oceans of emotions. Bottling these emotions can only cause self-destruction. Blogging plays a vital role. Now people can share their deepest thoughts with others.
The burden of thoughts on the mind can only accelerate stress. But pouring your thoughts out gives clarity. A person might get a new perspective while writing; as the whole situation is in front of his eyes on the paper. You may also come up with a reliable solution. 

Is Blogging Good For The Stress Relieve?

When you post a blog, you get a chance to interact with people. As people comment, you come to know about different perspectives.  You appreciate others’ stories and get a fair chance of making new friends.

Studies revealed that a person can heal from emotional trauma through writing. Dr. James Pennebaker, a psychology professor and his team at the University of Texas, discovered that short term focused writing helps boost the immune system, decelerate asthma, blood pressure, and heart rate. Moreover, in metastatic cancer patients, symptoms are reduced.
Writing aids in reducing anger, depression, and anxiety. It leads to gratitude and causes the birth of happiness. It grants clarity in thoughts. Laura king’s research shows that if a person writes about accomplishing his goals and dreams. He can live a happier and healthier life.

Is Blogging Good For The Stress Relieve?

There are many positive aspects of blogging. Many people find a new ray of hope in the dark void of their lives.
But as Marian Wright Edelman said In every seed of good, there is always a piece of bad.

There are many cons of blogging when you unveil your private life on a public platform. Because Few people consider it their fundamental right to sneak into your personal life. They may leave an inappropriate comment.

Nowadays, several bloggers are producing unique and innovative content. So The competition may cause you anxiety and other psychological issues. As more people start engaging in your content. You may become disappointed or anxious if you don’t get enough likes, comments, and shares.

Is Blogging Good For The Stress Relieve?

It’s always better to use everything in balance. So that you may live an amiable life. Express yourself. So Raise your voice. But with that, also try to make the authentic and best content. Moreover, try to share limited information about yourself on any medium to faceless stalking and criticism from people.

Hence, this is proved that Blogging Good For The Stress Relieve.

Always remember people are only a click away from joining or leaving you. So post with responsibility and confidence.

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