How To Introduce New Skincare Product?

Today we will tell you that How To Introduce New Skincare Product?

Hydrated and glowy skin makes us more confident and happier. Do you have a pimple, acne, blemishes, dark circles, and dark spots on your skin? Then nothing to feel bad about it be confident in that and know that you are beautiful no matter what challenges your skin throws your way. Apart from that, you should also follow skincare by adding new skincare products in your routine. No matter how busy we are, we can always take a little time before sleeping for ourselves. And trust me guys, those 5-10 mins will do wonders to your skin. 

Are you done of cleansing, mist, and moisturize three steps skincare routine? Or Did you lay your eyes on the several other forms of skin care products such as retinol, essence, serums, acids, and the list goes on? I know you have, and you want to try them out desperately.

So, here are some of the tips and healthy guidance for you to follow before you introduce a new skincare product.    


This step might sound ordinary, but here is what we all are lacking the most. Studying your skin types is the real game, and once we know what our skin types are, then I kid you, not trying out a new skincare product is fun and games.

DRY SKIN: If you feel your skin real tight or if your skin gets patchy, you have dry skin.

TIP: For dry skins, a good moisturizer is a must. 

OILY SKIN: Oily skin is the most common type, if you feel your skin is getting all greasy and just after applying some time, you feel oil or sweat type of texture on your face, then your skin types are oily. No offense, it is tricky to handle this type. 

TIP: For oily skin, water-based products do wonder.

COMBINATION SKIN: Are you indecisive whether your skin is the oily or dry type because you feel tightness and greasiness simultaneously! All you need to know is your skin is a combination of both oily and dry skin types, and it is entirely normal.

TIP: Usually, in combination of skin, the oily side is your T-zone. So if that’s the skincare, then we helped you figure out your skin type. 

ACNE PRONE SKIN: Acne-Prone skin that skin type tends to get acne, but there is still a considerable difference between acne-prone skin and sensitive skin.

TIP: Niacinamide is the best for acne-prone skins. So, make sure all your considerate product contains niacinamide. 

SENSITIVE SKIN: Well, sensitive skin is the most unwanted skin type, but it is tough to handle. If your skin has redness or been through severe acne or hormonal acne, you are skin type is acne-prone skin. And you need to take extra care of it.  


If you are adding new skincare products, then make sure that you are using one product at a time. Never make a mistake of using three or four products altogether. These might react to your skin in a different way, which can cause damage to your skin. So, be careful, in this case, fellas!


Well, the harsh reality of this world is not all the glitters do magic. And so is the case with skincare products. Many skincare products out there have such fascinating packaging but do not affect your skin as per the presentation and vice versa.

Before opting for a skincare product, make sure you did all the research on that product and read all the product’s honest reviews. After all, we don’t want some disaster happening to our scalps.  


This step is compulsory, and when we say that, we meant it! Research and reviews, no doubts are the best, but you have no idea about how your skin would react to the new skincare product. So, whenever you are buying a brand-new product so before spending the money on the whole thing, do a patch taste.

Just apply the product on your wrist or neck or wherever you are comfortable applying and then leave it for 24 hours and watch the results and how it reacts with your skin. If it’s satisfactory and you feel nothing, then Go for it! And if its causing reactions or a tingling effect, then leave that product right over there!

How To Introduce New Skincare Product?

Do we hope it helped you guys figure out How to introduce a new skincare product? Also, don’t forget to follow the steps mentioned above, and you surely won’t face any inconvenience.

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