Gym Is My Passion

As a young kid fond of physical sports, I found myself working out as I grew up and Gym Is My Passion. Despite the fact I loved athletics, I did not stop there. It was not much later that I discovered how much I loved working out, but, along with this, I wanted to get physically fitness. When you are getting settled with your motives so early in life, it is good to find all supportive tools that are going to help you reach your destination. As sooner as, I stepped into a gym, I knew my inner instinct was roaring to say — I am born to do this. Finding your purpose in life is really that fast- this made me become so proud of myself for being that farsighted in life.

Learning is a Never-Ending Process

 I wanted to soak up as much knowledge about this field as possible, so I started doing research about hormonal balance, nutrition, and diet plans. I read all available fitness magazine, cover to cover. And then I roamed in fitness food stores to get to know the food’s supplement chart. To mention, when a personal training opportunity came up, I jumped on it. With all the hard work I had been putting in, I got through with flying colors. You had to be 18 to get certified, so I had to lie about my age. At 15 I was a certified gym trainer. Moreover, I worked every day on improving myself mentally and physically. As both these things are interrelated so I decided not to compromise on one for the other.

Gym Is My Passion

 Making my Passion my Profession

 People say that I was so dedicated and focused. Lifting, healthy diet, and a healthy lifestyle, defined all I was. So, people started approaching me to train them. My neighbors and friends, who knew me personally started asking for tips and prerequisites they need to follow to get fit like me. It was something incredible happening in my life, and I ended up opening my very first own gym. I was passionate about it. Similarly, it was my determination, conviction, and work ethic. Basically, my passion was driving me to achieve greater things in life. Passion becomes your driving force emotion

Passion is the Fuel in the Fire of Action

Without action, passion is of no use. I acted upon my passion, to get up early every day and go to the gym. If I wasn’t so clear-headed about it I wouldn’t have been here today. On the other hand, the gym helped me a lot with my mental issues. Such as Anxiety, Stress, and Depression. At that point, the gym was my only mental therapy to get myself out of these issues. I learned to never give up on life and keep up my spirit. It may sound cocky but there was a time that my goals of fitness saved my life. I was then super confident about the fact that if I stay disciplined, I will be indestructible in case of any challenge.

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