8 Foods That Will Supercharge Your Immune System

8 Foods That Will Supercharge Your Immune System

Today we are going to tell you the 8 Foods That Will Supercharge Your Immune System:

All the malignant viruses, Like bacteria or unfamiliar particles will also have wiped out of human body by combined effort of certain cells, tissues, organs and proteins. These maintain a healthy body serving as the pillars of immune system. Clearly, strong immune system is like an efficient gatekeeper of your body. Also Like every other gatekeeper you need to pay back the gatekeeper of your body but by different methods so that it remains active. Stress less, give required break to your brain, sleep properly, make physical activities a part of your routine and most importantly fuel up your body with healthy food!

Consumption of certain food items can literally boost up your immune system. So Let’s discuss few of the healthy options which are available easily:


Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant and helps in the production of white blood cells. Vitamin C also helps in the formation of collagen in the skin thus protecting the skin from harmful rays. Citrus fruits are also effective for recovering from the coronavirus too. Some of the citrus fruits are:

  • Orange
  • Grape fruit
  • Key lime
  • Lemon
citrus fruit-8 Foods That Will Supercharge Your Immune System


The nutritional composition of yogurt breaks as probiotics, vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, magnesium, and zinc. This is how yogurt contributes in a useful way to your immune system. The probiotic shrinks inflammation, lowering the chances of viral infections, gut disorders, or cold.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition highlights the contributions of yogurt for the immune system in the following words:

“There is some evidence that yogurt-induced immune enhancement is associated with a lowered incidence of conditions such as cancer, GI disorders, and allergic symptoms.”

Adding nuts, berries or honey in yogurt will be a treat to your taste buds as well as the immune system!


Turmeric is a spice that holds healing properties. The Turmeric has a magic ingredient called, Curcumin, which makes turmeric an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial agent. Turmeric helps the body clear up the respiratory tract, hinders viral replication, and provides relief in the flu.

We also add Turmeric as a spice in your food or can be added to warm milk.


Sweet potatoes are rich sources of beta carotene, which serves as a helper for cells that eliminate infections in the body. So Anti-oxidants are also present in it, protecting against cancer.

Sweet potatoes can baked, boiled, roasted, fried or steamed. The sweetness in sweet potatoes is an additional treat.

turmeric-8 Foods That Will Supercharge Your Immune System


Garlic, which possesses allicin, serves the purpose of effective medicine in also fighting against the germs boosting immunity. So Allicin converts to sulfur as it is unstable, giving garlic the healing properties.

 Garlic lowers the blood pressure and severity of cold. Garlic is added to almost every cuisine and can also be eaten raw.

garlic-8 Foods That Will Supercharge Your Immune System


Yes, dark chocolate is an immunity booster. The cocoa and phenolic compounds held by dark chocolate nourish immunity and body resistance. It is effective against persistent and pesky coughs.

The US National Institute of Health marked Cocoa as food with “immune regulatory properties.” So it’s not a bad idea to have a bar of dark chocolate.

chocolate-8 Foods That Will Supercharge Your Immune System


Spinach is packed with vitamin C and beta carotenoids volunteering for healthy immunity. So The anti-oxidants break the chain reactions, reducing the harm done on your body.

To retain the nutrients of spinach it should be cooked less.

spinach-8 Foods That Will Supercharge Your Immune System


The affordable and delicious watermelon is a source of recharge for your immunity. It is high in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and glutathione. So The cherry on top of the calories are barely present in watermelon, making it a healthy option for diet conscious people who usually miss out on immune boosters in their diet.

A glass of frozen watermelon sorbet or a fruit salad with watermelon stands out as nutritious and tasty option for your immunity.

watermelon-8 Foods That Will Supercharge Your Immune System

These were the 8 Foods That Will Supercharge Your Immune System hope you liked it.

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