Bid A Fond, Teary Farewell To The Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

Bid A Fond, Teary Farewell To The Taco Bell Mexican Pizza read below:

Sad nights, happy days, not in the mood to cook, or don’t like what is cooked in the house calls for fast food. Fast food has the power to change our mood and how we can only imagine it. That cheesy pizza, beefy burgers, zinger burgers, or crispy chicken instantly makes us happy. And this ultimately made us believe that the way to everyone’s heart is from the stomach.

We can’t relate more to Mc Donald’s “I’m lovin’ it” or to KFC that “it’s finger-licking good” taglines because fast food is for sure stomach satisfying and mood changing.


Just like everyone’s favorite fast-food franchises includes Taco Bell. We must say, “Taco Bell” is one of the yummiest combinations of Mexican and American when it comes to food. All the fast-food lovers just can’t say NO! to Taco Bell’s menu item.

Talking about that when it comes to fast-food, I know that everyone has their specific favorite food item from the particular food place. Like no matter what, whenever you visit that place, you always go and opt for the same thing you have been for past days, months, or even years.


One of the best foods that Taco Bell makes is their pizzas. If you see them technically, there is nothing more fascinating about them. They add cheese on the top of the pizza dough with some beef constrained in the dough, but their pizzas legit tastes like heaven and how? We can never get to know that.

Bid A Fond, Teary Farewell To The Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

So, if you are Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza lover and always opt for the pizza whenever you get your orders from there, then here is bad news for you guys. Taco Bell has officially announced to bid farewell to their pizzas. Which means no more going to “Taco Bell” and enjoying their delicious and yummiest pizza.


It is not something they are doing it for the first time. Before that, Taco Bell has even canceled their “Volcano Lava Sauce,” and their fans were distraught. And now it’s time for them to say goodbye to their Mexican pizzas.


Although Mexican pizza is the highlight of this news as undoubtedly, it is the most loved food. But in total, Taco Bell is canceling five food products. Yeah, you read it right! They are balancing five products, which include Mexican pizza and 4 other foods items as well. The other four are yet to be known.


With every bad news comes the good news and vice versa. But Taco Bell is on the 86th number basis on their food items. And very soon, on September 24 they are launching there “Dragonfruit Freeze” in there every franchise worldwide. It seems like Taco Bell is already to end 2020 with a good move. Well, let’s say even the pandemic didn’t let them step back from their fascinating ideas for new food items.

Bid A Fond, Teary Farewell To The Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

Also, following September 26, on November 5, they will be launching their “chicken chipotle melt,” which sounds like a mix of spicy yet cheesy chicken. But let’s wait and see what they hold for their fans. Will these food items will be an excellent substitute for their previous one? That’s the only question that arises in our head.    

Well, we can’t say anything on that as it seems like they’re on the strategy. Apart from being their fans, we have to understand that every business requires innovation and might bring some unique yet delicious food items in their menu. Because Taco Bell does know how to rock the food industry, let’s hope for the best and bid our teary farewell to their Mexican Pizza. 

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