18 Easy Ways To Make Burgers In Your Kitchen

Here we have 18 Easy Ways To Make Burgers In Your Kitchen:

When it comes to appetite we are always looking for scrumptious yet easy recipes and hacks to delight our taste buds. We usually try various cuisines to relish ourselves. But when it comes to burgers, our choices are quite different; some want extra cheese while others demand a flavorsome topping, few like their meat smoky while others are ok with its spicy savor.

The good news is whatever our preference is. The taste can be enhanced by following simple hacks. And that too by using our kitchen products.

1) Meat:

The main component is patty. So make it avidly. Mutton, beef, chicken, or fish; that’s your choice. For a palatable taste, make a perfect ratio of fat and meat. 75percent meat and 25percent fat would make an ideal moist patty. For best taste, cut and grind the meat finely.  Guide your butcher at the local shop. You may mince it at home as well.

Meat-18 Easy Ways To Make Burgers In Your Kitchen

2) Peanut butter:

If you are fond of a moist and succulent patty, add a spoonful of peanut butter in the mixture. That will make it juicy and add delicious Georgia flavor.

peanut butter

3) Salt:

Don’t put salt in the mixture too early, if you are planning to cook it later. That will disintegrate the meat protein, leading to a stiff and sticky patty. Add salt from outside before cooking.

4)  Don’t press:

 While grilling or frying don’t press your patty. It would extract juice, lower the tang, and dry it. Let it be.

5) Herbs:

Pick some rosemary, mint, chilies, or lemons from your refrigerator or home garden. These herbs will add a pleasant zest to your food.


 6) Topping:

Barbeque sauce, Ketchup, Cheese, or mayonnaise topping can make your burger more delectable. Pour your favorite toppings.

8) Vegetables:

Add your favorite veggies such as mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce leaves. It will give a healthy and appetizing boost to your burger. You might use it as a topping or add it to your meat.


9) Garlic

 Crush and chop some garlic and add it in the mixture of your patty. You can also add it from outside to enhance the savory taste.

10) High-quality bun:

You can opt for a sesame seed bun or a brioche bun. That will complement the texture. Toast, fry, or grill it.

18 Easy Ways To Make Burgers In Your Kitchen-bun

11) Special sauce:

Sauces make burgers more juicy and toothsome. Take cream, mayonnaise, ketchup, garlic, salt, lemon juice, and pepper. Mix them well. That would give a delicious treat to your tongue.

18 Easy Ways To Make Burgers In Your Kitchen-special sauce

12) Garlic butter:

Flavorsome, nutty, and mild garlic butter can do wonders with your bun. You can toast your bun in it. Or sprinkle it on the top of your burger.

13) Pineapples:

Do you love pineapples? Add a few slices. That will give a delicious luscious taste to your burger.

14) Egg

We all know how much nutritious an egg is for our health. But do you know adding it in your dish will give a flavorsome boost? The runny yolk can function as a sauce.

18 Easy Ways To Make Burgers In Your Kitchen-egg

15) Mac and cheese:

Grab a Marconi pack and mix it with cheese. That will give an absolute creamy and cheesy taste to your buds.

16) Pickled onion:

Slice the onion. Add apple vinegar, sugar, and salt in onion. Now drain the liquid and add this pickled onion in your burger.

17) Don’t flip:

Flip your burger once. Wait for it to cook, from one side. Make sure the pan or grill is hot.

18) Surprise:

We all love surprises. Right? Stuff your burger from the middle with herb, butter, or cheese. That would give a surprising relish t to your burger.

These were the 18 Easy Ways To Make Burgers In Your Kitchen.

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