10 Authentic Chinese Dishes You Should Try

10 Authentic Chinese Dishes You Should Try

你好 (Ni hao)! You must be familiar with this word, but if you are, then it is “Hello” in Chinese. China is famous amongst all of the world. I am quite sure that you have tried every genre of Chinese till now. May it be a cell phone, make-up brand, outfits, jewelry, cutlery, and food because guys, China is ruling this world. And for in food today we have 10 authentic Chinese dishes you should try.

Everyone recognizes Chinese food, and everyone tries to cook that in their kitchen, or you can say experiment. Not to mention apart from a few, most people enjoy eating Chinese dishes and crave for more delicious dishes. So, that’s what we are going to do! We will discuss 10 authentic Chinese Dishes you should try if you are a Chinese food lover. So, here we go! 


Who is not obsessed with Chow Mein when it comes to Chinese dish lovers? If you have Chinese taste and haven’t tried Chow Mein, you are seriously missing out on your taste’s best dish. Chow Mein is made of boiled noodles in saltwater with fried yet crispy vegetables and chicken. People usually love to eat it with hot sauce or soy sauce, but you can serve it with a sauce up to your taste. Everyone prefers to eat it with a chopstick as it is how Chinese eat just for fun, you know!  


Scrambles eggs and tomatoes are the easiest yet quickest Chinese dish you can ever count on. All you need is eggs, tomatoes, a little oil, and salt (usually substituted by sugar in China). ALAS! You are all ready to make your Chinese dish. Just make scrambled egg and fry tomatoes then serve it on a plate. Most of the Chinese eat it as breakfast.


Dumpling is as famous and loved by everyone as pizza. Well, lowkey, I know that’s not a very good combo for comparison, but still. Dumplings are also very easy to make. All you have to focus on is the filings. The filling can be made whatever your heart is asking for. It can be fried vegetables with chicken or minced meat, it can be only chicken or minced beef, and the Chinese also used pork (which is not recommended for Muslims) as a filling. The filling is to be filled in dumplings and shaped like an ear. Then deep fry it in the oil, and you are all ready to it this yummy dish.

Dumplings are also eaten as starters, and they are served with soup as well. 


In this dish, you can be fooled as if you are eating fish, but you are not in actuality! Now the question comes why does it smell like fish if fish-scented eggplants do not have fish? Because this dish contains all the spices used in making fish from ginger, garlic, to pickled chilies. The gravy is made of all those spices with oil and eggplants in it.

It is the most favorite dish of everyone in China. It tastes like sweet and sour, but specifically, it is spicy.


Spring rolls are also one of the most popular and loved Chinese dishes. But it is made with the same recipe as that of dumplings. The filling is the same and is made by the same process; the only difference is its shape. Spring rolls are known for their tube-like body. These are majorly used as refreshments and are one of the most items in Chinese parties. 


Beef Curry is loved by desi and Chinese people as well. As curry is a prevalent dish in India and people enjoyed it, that’s why most of the desi people couldn’t stop themselves from loving this dish. Curry is a yellowish paste made of several common spices, which is later mixed with steamed or fried beef. This beef curry is served with boiled rice, or some people like its potatoes as well.

Also, if you are an Asian then you will never regret trying beef curry out.


Turnip doesn’t sound like a Chinese name right because it is an American name. But Turnip cake is a trendy Chinese dish that is also infamous for radish cake. The funniest fact about Turnip cake is it does not contain turnip in it. The main ingredients of this dish are shredded radish and rice flour.

This famous Chinese cake is also renowned as a Carrot cake. You can count this dish a Chinese dessert.


If you are a Chinese lover, then you have to try this one out. I am not even kidding. You won’t regret a bit of it. Kung Pao chicken is a cubed chicken, fried vegetables, peanuts, and spicy red chilies. It is also sweet and sour altogether, but I must say this red sauce dish is more into the spiciest side. Once you try it out, you want to eat this one again and again.


Wong tongs are now very famous starters in Pakistani weddings as starters. These are Chinese dish which is shaped like birds. Because to me, it lowkey does look like a crispy bird. Talking about the filling in it, it is as same as dumplings and deep-fried in oil.

Well, doesn’t it sound like a cute combo of spring rolls and dumplings? Wong tongs have to be my favorite starter so far as they are finger-licking yummy.  


It might be one of the experimental dishes to try, but I must say it is one of China’s most famous words. It has Tofu, which is dipped in the sauces of oil and spicy chicken. This dish is served with the topping of green veggies and symmetrical cut pineapple. People eat it hot and cold both. Doesn’t it sound mouthwatering?

I named all the 10 authentic Chinese dishes and made it pretty more manageable for you to opt for your next restaurant to dine in and order. So, try all of them out because you are going to love them.

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