10 Most Popular Shows Of Netflix

10 Most Popular Shows Of Netflix

Today we have 10 Most Popular Shows Of Netflix:

One thing that is understood is 2020 is not going as per plans. Right? This pandemic, lock-down, quarantine, and much more bad news we had to face all together in this coincidently. And the only thing that can help you with this on-going situation is Netflix. Ever heard the term Netflix and Chill? You must have well that’s the best thing that we all can do this in time.

Here’s a warning that I am going to you give you guys and that’s is watch all these shows on your own risk as these shows can be more addictive than the nicotine. So, the top best Netflix shows which will take you along with its twist and twirls and worth to binge watch are discussed below.


10 Most Popular Shows Of Netflix-1. the crown

History is always fun to watch and we are all so intrigued to know about the life of Queen Elizabeth. That’s what this show shows us all the touches of the life of Queen Elizabeth till the 21st century. You will witness everything regarding her wedding, her love life, days of the royal times, her struggles, and whatnot. While watching this show you feel yourself back in the times of 1947 and it gives such a relief to watch the history show. No matter how modern this generation gets old times has its charm which suddenly can’t feel in this generation but The Crown is the perfect show to give you all the montage of the 1940’s times.


10 Most Popular Shows Of Netflix-Friends

In a situation like this in which people are getting panicked by listening to heart-wrenching news every day, FRIENDS is a lifesaver. If you haven’t watched FRIENDS till now then we kid you not watch it and trust me you will watch this comedy show again and again. This show has 6 characters who all are friends with each other and in between them happens love, fight, gossips, argument and all above them happens comedy. This show is therapeutic and will cheer your mood even with its songs. 


10 Most Popular Shows Of Netflix-Money Heist

Money Heist is one of the best shows ever. Over here I would suggest you not to judge the show by its name. Trust me there’s a lot more to this show than robbery. Money Heist holds love stories, breakups, thrill, action, emotional moments, and comedy as well all in all it is a pack of everything. Start watching it now and prepare yourself for a lot of ever so interesting twists and plots in between the criminals and hostages.


10 Most Popular Shows Of Netflix-Peaky Blinders

Peaky blinders are the show that will give you the most vintage vibes ever. It is all about the family crime story that happens at the end of world war two. Historical enough right? Here is the fun fact about Peaky blinders which is the appearance of the main character is inspired by the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam.

5. YOU

10 Most Popular Shows Of Netflix-you

YOU is an American thriller show and has 2 seasons over-all. While watching this show you will witness the psychotic and possessive lover who can’t just resist anywhere even near to the love of life. This might sound a little creepy but when you will watch this show you’ll find yourself obsessed with it as the plot twists in the stories are so fascinating yet intrigue to watch.


13 Reasons why netflix show

Looking for the best suspense genre? Then watch 13 reasons why this show has everything close to perfect. This show is about the 13 reasons why a girl committed suicide and those 13 reasons are saved in a tape. In every episode, you will witness every tape isn’t suspicious enough? This show will keep you in curiosity throughout each season and you can’t resist yourself from loving it.  


Elite netflix show

Elite is a show that revolves around the high schools’ fellows and each comes with a different story. Now must be thinking that it must be high school basic show well no over here there’s a twist this show as well holds the mystery of the murder of one of their friends. The murder will change every one student’s relation with each other. While on the other side of the story you might see the scenes of homosexuality as well. 



Lucifer is a teen-fiction show that is one of the top most-watched shows of Netflix. It is a story in which Lucifer is unrestricted from a club of Los Angeles and due to that, he opts for another job called consultation for LAPD. He also finds his love through this job and as being a Lucifer, he faces quite a lot of difficulty in his love story and has to sacrifice a lot. So, if you want to watch a romance with some extra drama then Lucifer is the right choice for you as it will take you to the rollercoaster ride of a love story from which you can’t resist yourself binge-watching the whole series.


The end of the fucking world show

If you are someone who doesn’t have the patience to watch a long series and also someone who loves to enjoy romance genre then “The end Of the Fu**ing World” is what you need to watch right now. This show is about the girl and boy who runs away from there boring lives together and unfortunately, faith has a different plan for them.  And meanwhile, running and defending themselves a tragedy happens which brings much more chaos to their lives. But this is a light show to watch with a happy ending.


Love is Blind Netflix show

Love is Blind is a curious reality TV show. In this show, you will entertain yourself by watching the couple getting to know each other in a strict environment and that without even seeing each other physically. But this just not it between the two birds here is a spoiler that there is the entrance of the third person which may change the story with 180 degrees and get to know further you should watch the show.

These were the 10 Most Popular Shows Of Netflix enjoy!

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