Women’s rights issues around the globe

Women’s right issues around the globe

Today we have Women’s rights issues around the globe

We all are humans and entitled to “human rights”, unfortunately in this world, women and girls are the ones not been exercising their rights.  We are living in the modern era, but still, our morderncy lacks “women’s rights.”

 Women and girls still face discrimination based on skin tone, weight, height, sex, and others. Across the globe, women’s rights are just practiced when it’s time to get appreciation or leading a political policy. Addressing some general women rights issues:

Education right

Women are said to be the leader of the generation. Education is the basic factor to lead a future generation, but most of the women and girls are not allowed to get this right. According to FORBES, 122 million Africans do not complete their education; where half of them are women.

Women’s rights issues around the globe-Education Right

According to the global statistics of UN Women, only 39% of rural girls attend primary school. The literacy rate of women is so low that this leads them to lower wages and proportionally to a miserable lifestyle.

Sexual and reproductive right

Everyone has the right to their own body. Girls and women have equal rights; they can choose to whom they could marry and spend their lives and have children. Women should have the right to live without the fear of rape, harassment, and sexual exploitation.

Women’s rights issues around the globe-Sexual And reproductive Rights

Stats show that 33 thousand of cases were reported in India for rape, where the victims felt more shamed than the perpetrator.

Maternal health

Married women are forced to conceive a baby under domestic violence. In lower-income areas of the countries, there is no education for family planning as well as maternal health.

Women’s rights issues around the globe-Maternal Health

World health organization WHO has declared the mortality rate of women under pregnancy issues is dropped by about  38%; where every day, 800 women die per day. The same research addressed that maternal health care during and after pregnancy can saves women’s lives.

Forced marriage

Forced marriages being a trend in every normal country. Women and girls are forced to marry a man of their parent’s choice; not only that they have to fulfill this commitment for the so-called name of their parent’s reputations.

Forced Marriages

Underage girls of low-income families are being married to the man of their father’s age due to poverty.  Do we have more to say about it? 

Work place harassment

Women and girls work outdoor to meet the needs of their family and future. But the irony is that they cant work there without the fear of harassment. Women are often harassed by their male colleague which results in sexual harassment.

Most families didn’t even allow their daughters and wives to follow their dreams just because of the fear of harassment.

work place harassment

Despite different departments working for women rights, women and girls are still facing illiteracy, child marriages, harassment, pay gap and the conflict where rape is the primary cause. We are still on edge to provide women and girls with their fundamental rights.

Women are also humans; their rights should equally be practiced just like men in terms of education, marriage, health, etc. These are some of the many issues recurring when talking about women’s equality. We have long to go for women’s rights. Only when women get the freedom of choice, right of education, and leadership specific roles that are when we can proudly say “Equality” exists.

These were Women’s rights issues around the globe we have to resolve this for a happy and prosperous society.

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