What Difficulties Are Teachers Facing In Online Classes?

This pandemic has bought drastic changes in everyone’s lives and the business world is more affected by this pandemic than anyone else. And apart from the business world one more important loss happened in 2020 is of educators. Thousands of students are complaining that online classes are senseless and useless and they don’t find them effective. Just because of that so many of them are not even attending them with full attention no matter how restriction they get from their institutes. Not just the students there are so many parents out there showing concern over how online classes have ruined the academics of their child.

 But being human, we failed to understand that we are not only one who is suffering in this period which shows nothing but the level of selfishness this world has reached. With that comes there are always two sides of the story if the students are suffering through online classes then so are the teachers. So, we are going to discuss what difficulties are teachers facing in online classes?     


The concept of online classes might be very easy for the students but it is very difficult for the teachers as they are not aware of how the classes are given through the digital world. They first had to understand the process of where to arrange the class? Apart from this, some teachers are so old-aged that they never had use laptops or computers before and they only have the experience of teaching in-person so the idea of giving online class must be challenging for them because they did not have to learn how to give online classes but also how to use laptops or computers, which is undoubtedly a real struggle as a beginner. 


Online classes are really time-consuming for the teachers as teaching in-person and teaching online makes a huge difference. And there are thousands of reasons to them some of them are:

  • When you are teaching in-person you know that the students are understanding point or not, you get aware of the fact that in which point students are lacking, and what is troubling them. While in an online class you have no clue about their understanding and most of the students don’t even find it necessary to clear there point in the class and then each student messages teacher separately and the loyal teachers explain each one of them separately which takes a lot of their time.
  • As a matter of fact, for online classes, you need an excellent internet connection. And most of the time thee comes so many technical issues during the online class that it doubles the time of one lecture. Sometimes the problem generates from the students or sometimes from the teacher. Due to poor connection, the voice of the teacher reaches the student after 2 seconds or more which creates are chaos as well. And all these problems result in the consumption of more and more time for the teachers.    


We all have this big misconception in our mind that is teachers are extremely rich and they get paid really well. Well, that’s not the utmost truth as most of the teachers are middle class and they can’t afford to buy these high-end gadgets. For online classes with a good internet connection you definitely need a good laptop or a computer as well. As you can’t deal with so many students just on the mobile phones or anything else that’s why so many teachers had to go out of their way to buy those expensive, out of their budgets, laptops just to convey their students with the best information and also to make their living.


Work from home is very difficult as you have so many distractions around you and it takes extra effort from you as well. Apart from that, there are so many students who don’t do the honor of taking the class which enable them to do their task and just because they have the access to reach the teacher at any time so those students keep on disturbing our lecturers regarding to class which they haven’t even attended.


Other than that, parents have so many complaints regarding online classes and the system of the institutes and they think that the responsibility of everything is on the teachers but not the administration. Despite talking to the main head, they take out all of their grudges on the teachers for no reason. As the teachers are the member of the following institute so they have to defend their system which makes parents more irritated. So, despite its better for the parents to contact directly to the headmaster or administration for the complaints as they are answerable to you, not the teachers because they are just doing what’s commanded to them. 


While giving classes in-person the tasks and syllabus goes up to the planning but that’s not the same case in online classes. Because there are so many interruptions sometimes it’s the internet connections or sometimes it’s load shedding, sometimes the battery goes down of the technology, or anything could happen because you can’t trust the system there is always a risk of a technical glitch. And just dew to that monthly or daily tasks gets extended which causes a loss of the students and brings the weightage on the teachers.


Despite working so hard, putting all the effort and absorbing all the negativities. There are so many institutes that not paying the teachers with the salary they deserve or some of the institutes are paying half of their salary which is literally such a shame. That might be fair if the institutes are co-operating with students’ fees but what they are doing is clearly an injustice. 

So, students might be suffering but teachers are not in a safe place they have their own problems and difficulties so rather than roasting them and telling them how terrible they are in their jobs we should appreciate their efforts and give them respect. As they deserve all of it. 

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