Ancient structures as old as the great pyramid discovered by scientists

At the heart of the western province in Indonesia, lies one of the most intriguing archaeological sites in the world – The Gunung Padang Mountain. Now claimed to be the oldest megalithic site in the world, Gunung Padang has been the center of attention for archaeologists and scientists for the last 100 years. The 72-acre site is filled with strange monuments and ancient structures – some even dating as far back as 20, 000 BCE.

Gunung Padang was first described in the “Report of the Department of Antiquities”. The report mentions that the ancient site was first discovered by Dutch colonists, whilst traveling from Europe to Indonesia in the early twentieth century. On reaching the summit, the colonists were left amazed by the sheer scale of the ancient structures surrounding the mountain. The colonist believed that the mountain was a megalithic site, however, little did they know that the true secrets of Gunung Padang laid hidden, buried deep in the ground.

Recent studies performed by the Indonesian Institute of Science has revealed that Gunung Padang is not a natural mountain formation, instead, the mountain is now considered to be an ancient man-made pyramid. Data presented by Indonesian researchers and scientists suggest that the Gunung Padang pyramid could in fact be the oldest and largest pyramid structure in the world. 

“Our study proves that the structure not only covers the top layer but also encloses a slope of about 15 hectares. In other words, the structure is not shallower and has deeper roots,” explained one of the researchers at the 2018 meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

The researchers also pointed out the Gunung Padang pyramid was built in different prehistoric eras, noticeable due to the four distinct layers. Each layer is made out of different materials and crafted with the help of various man-made tools. The first layer was carbon-dated to around 3,500 years old, the second layer was approximately 8,000 years old, and the last two layers ranged from 9,500 to 28,000 years old. If the data the Indonesian research team has presented is accurate, then the Gunung Padang pyramid would be the oldest prehistoric structure in the world, even more ancient than the Greats pyramids in Giza.

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