Just 50 Days Until A US Election Both Sides See As An Existential Struggle

The current US election between the Republican Honcho, Donald Trump, and Democrat titan, Joe Biden is as much a decision between presidents as much as it is a competition between two ideologies. The tension between the Republican and Democrats has come to a fevered pitch not seen since the 2016 presidential elections, which were controversial in it of themselves. The 2020 presidential election would decide whether President Trump would continue being the POTUS for a second term or would Joe Biden overtake the Republican Mogul. Indeed, the stakes have never been higher.

 Preparations are already underway in most parts of the country and voters are filling out absentee ballots and polls are being conducted to predict which candidate would be favored by the people of the United States. Both Trump and his competitor, Joe Biden are waging a battle of policies and schools of thought. Each considers the other to be the reason for America’s failures and both have never held back from preaching this narrative. In such a divisive climate, spokespersons from either side are on a campaign to ensure that every American goes out and votes, As if their “life depends on it because it does” . There have been civil disturbances and natural disasters aplenty during Trump’s reign and the Democrats have used this as the rallying cry against Trump’s re-election. Ironically, many of the policies of Trump which the Democrats criticize are exactly the reason why many right-wingers support Trump in the first place. There are fundamental and existential differences between the two camps that have sprung up. Neither is giving quarter nor giving any breathing room to the other. It has come to the point where some fear that America would descend into a new civil war akin to the war of 1860 if tensions escalate. These are indeed dark and divisive times for the American people.

Elections are considered a proud and near-sacred tradition in the USA, but when there are reports of mishandling and unlawful activities surrounding the polling, it is perceived as nigh sacrilegious. Electoral fraud is a term that has been the point of interest for many. Televisions are blaring with the term and news anchors and spokespersons use it every opportunity they get. Due to the pandemic, it is being considered to allow postal voting, but even that has attracted criticism. Indeed, it is difficult to believe that when the election would be over with, the candidate on the losing side would politely hand over the government to his competitor. Just like in the previous election in 2016, there were massive outcries and criticism surrounding Russian intervention in American elections and it seems that even the 2020 election would not be entirely free from such criticism either.

 Whatever the case may be, the public is on the edge of their seats, more out of paranoia and anxiety than excitement. The division that Donald Trump’s ascension has given rise to is continuing to grow and is showing no signs of dying down soon. The Democratic liberals are always at odds with the Republican conservatives, but such civil disturbance and toxicity between the two camps are unprecedented. While many believe that the 2020 Election would be the deciding factor that would prove once and for all which ideology is supreme in mere 50 days, many believe that is just one more chapter of an already bloody book.

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