How to increase your reach on Instagram

How to increase your reach on Instagram

Lately, social media is so in trend. It has become the most favorite place. Instagram is one of those social media platforms that influencers and businesses use to grow. Being influencers or businesses, what they struggle the most is to increase their reach to their preferable audience due to the Instagram algorithms.

Instagram has kept its ranking strategies secret from the early days, but as the users are growing, it is becoming popular among many active daily users. Some of their secrets are now disclosed and understood by businesses to improve their ranking and reach more audiences.

Tricks to increase Instagram reach:

Sharing some tricks to increase your Instagram reach, which would help you promote your business:

  • Finding optimal timing for posting.
  • Post “savable” video content.
  • Host giveaways
  • Interact with your audience on stories
  • Collaborate with big brands or businesses.

Finding optimal timing for posting:

How to increase your reach on Instagram

Optimal posting time can help Instagram to boost your post at the top. What is the optimal time? The optimal time to post is when 80% of your audience is online and can see your content just as you post it. It will help you get more likes as the timeline algorithm of Instagram will not ignore your post.

If your mostly audience is from London, try uploading your post when most of them are awake in the day time, according to the time zone.  

Post “Savable” video content:

savable video content

According to the research, it is estimated that video content serves more than just photos posted on the feed. The reason why videos are preferable is that they become more attractive by adding relative content, music, graphics, etc. And this grabs audience interest and generate more likes and comments

Hosting Giveaways:

-hosting giveaways

Hosting giveaways is one of the best ways to increase your reach on Instagram. Giveaways can be a staircase of high space. Giving small stuff to your audience and asking them to tag their friends and make them follow the tracking rules, you can increase your followers and your engagement.

Interact with your audience on stories:

Instagram has a story option for its users. Influencers and businesses can take great advantage of this. They could interact with their followers, ask what they want to see on their timelines, create polls, etc.

Sharing moments can be the most significant part as their followers could believe that influencers feel their audience as their family. With this strategy, they would love to engage in your posts.

Collaborating with big brands and businesses:

How to increase your reach on Instagram

Collaborating is one of the best ways to increase your reach on Instagram. Try to collaborate with big brands and influencers as they will help you bring more new followers engagement to your posts and activities.

Just because they have thousands of their followers; by sharing your content on their feed, their follower’s attention might divert to your work, which will help you.

You can beat Instagram strategies and algorithms by keeping an eye on different tricks and keep stuck to them, as you don’t know which one will work for your content to rank on the feed.

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