Amazon officially enters Pakistan with web services

Want to know about that Amazon officially enters Pakistan with web services:

In this era of technology, with major advancements in e-commerce, businesses around the world are looking for opportunities to direct their resources towards digital platforms in order to expand their market share and maximize profits. This has also said for the developing countries who are struggling to reshape and change the outlook of their suffering economy.

Pakistan is also one of those countries that are striving hard to make both ends meet and to survive in this fast-moving world. In order to do that, apart from many other important things that Pakistan executed, it also shook hands with Amazon. Amazon, the largest, multi-national virtually based market place is ruling the world of business on its own terms. With the key element of advancement in technology. Amazon has now decided to dig its paws deeper into the Pakistani market by introducing its Cloud Computing business in order to drive the digital transformation in this developing state.

Amazon officially enters Pakistan with web services

Now to bring their plan into action after two weeks of having a face-off with interventions and disruptions in Pakistani as well as US market. Amazon inched closer to digital evolution by officially entering Pakistan with Amazon Web Services to cater the individuals, firms and organizations by providing them with cloud-computing platforms in order to grow or expand.

herefore, now the Company is busy in putting together a team of motivated individuals for (AWS), a subsidiary of Amazon in Pakistan. Which would set in motion the launching of Cloud Computing on the green land. Apart from that, they are also looking for a self-driven, passionate, talented person and someone who is well acquainted with Pakistani society, procedures and current affairs for the Head of Public Policy.

An individual who is familiar with the ground reality of Pakistan today and can work for building strong relationships with the big names of Pakistan such as politicians, Government officials, influencers, policymakers, and people from the media industry in order to minimize the potential risks to the business. The advertisement for this vacancy may seen on many social media platforms. But the detailed job description may found supremely on LinkedIn.

Amazon officially enters Pakistan with web services

In order to expand, flourish, or boom in the world of business, sinking teeth in the economy of the targeted country has considered to be a common yet requisite practice. For that, collaborating with the Governments seems to be a great idea in order to formulate and devise such strategic public policy that can help the business run smoothly on bumpy grounds.

Therefore, in order to facilitate Amazon during these critical times of COVID-19, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) in collaboration with other Government bodies of Pakistan, such as; Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), announced the development of synchronizing structure for the cross-border Direct-to-Customer approach, omitting the option of the third party the way it used to be when Amazon did not have physical space in Pakistan. This would also create a “Safe Exchange Zone” for consumers in Pakistan, mitigating any risks of fraud or scams.

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